Science at St Columba’s Catholic Primary School

Principles of Good Science Teaching and Learning


St Columba’s Science curriculum promotes the development of scientific skills over the teaching of scientific knowledge, encouraging curiosity in pupils about the world around them.  Through practical lessons, we aim to develop pupils’ confidence to ask open-ended questions and determine answers through scientific enquiry.  We hope to raise their aspirations and develop the foundational skills required to succeed in today’s world of rapid scientific development.


  • A whole school progression map provides teachers with a basis for planning Science which builds from previous years, enabling children to gain scientific knowledge and understanding as they move through school.
  • Teachers use targeted questioning in class to test conceptual knowledge and skills, and assess children regularly to identify those children with gaps in learning, so that all children keep up.
  • ‘Working Scientifically’ skills are embedded into all lessons to ensure these skills are being developed throughout.
  • Teachers model use of scientific equipment, alongside ‘Working Scientifically’ skills in order to embed understanding before encouraging children to use equipment independently.
  • Teachers have up to date Science displays, rich in vocabulary, for pupils’ to refer to throughout each topic.
  • Teachers explicitly use and refer to scientific vocabulary and terminology when teaching.
  • We carefully plan opportunities for the children to broaden their experiences through relevant school trips and lessons by visitors.
  • We use outdoor learning to support the teaching of Science through visits to our school pond, wildlife garden and kitchen garden.
  • Children are encouraged to ask questions and are given opportunities to use their scientific skills to find solutions.
  • We study influential scientists from around the world and from a variety of different backgrounds.

Our Science Curriculum

Science Overview

Science Curriculum 21

Science in the EYFS

Science in EYFS (2)

Our Progression of Knowledge

St Columba's Science Knowledge Progression

Our Progression of Scientific Enquiry

St Columbas Enquiry Progression pdf

Our Knowledge Mats

Please take a look at our knowledge mats.

Y1 Plants

Y1 Seasonal Change

Y1 Animals Inc. Humans

Y1 Materials

Y2 Plants

Y2 Animals Inc. Humans

Y3 Rocks and Soils

Y3 Light and Dark

Y4 States of Matter

Y5 Properties and Changes of Materials

Y5 Animals Inc. Humans

Y6 Evolution and Inheritance

Y6 Animals Inc. Humans


Support for Parents


Science at Home

Please find links to websites with fun science activities to do at home.


This website is fantastic.  It has games, videos and lots of exciting experiment ideas.

The Primary Science National Curriculum 

Please find the link to the Primary Science National Curriculum below.

Science in our Local Area

Take a look at the opportunities in our local area below.  There are some excellent places for us to visit and they are right on our doorstep!

These curriculum overviews were produced to support teaching and learning in science with schools within our Academy Trust.  Please take a look for ideas and activities to support your child’s learning at home.

Year 1

Year 1 Science overview (2)


Year 2

Year 2 Science overviews (1)


Year 3

Year 3 Science overviews (6)


Year 4

Year 4 Science overviews (1)


Year 5

Year 5 Science overviews (3)


Year 6

Year 6 Science overviews (1)



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