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Pupil Premium

Pupil premium grant expenditure

Pupil Premium Strategy 2016 - 2017
Financial YearAmount of Pupil Premium Funding
2015 - 2016£178,328
2016 - 2017£188,569
 2015 - 20162016 - 2017
Total number of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium Funding135112
% of total pupils in school35%36%

The Purpose of the Pupil Premium Grant

The pupil premium is additional funding to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities, and to close the gaps between them and their peers. If a child has been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point over the past 6 years, or has been in local-authority care for 1 day or more.

Provision at St Columba’s Catholic Primary School:

St Columba’s Catholic Primary School is committed to ensuring maximum progress for all groups of children and strives to close any gaps. The strategies used to support this will be monitored and evaluated regularly, and data analysis will ensure that the correct support and strategies are identified to maximize progress.

All matters relating to the Pupil Premium will be reported to the Governors via the School Improvement and Resources Committees, ensuring that the school is held to account for the impact of spending.

Attainment and Standards of Disadvantaged Pupils 2015/2016*colspan**colspan**colspan**colspan*
EYFS 2016% Achieving GLD*colspan**colspan**colspan*
Disadvantaged Pupils (16)63%*colspan**colspan**colspan*
Other Pupils (41)63%*colspan**colspan**colspan*
KS1 2016*colspan**colspan**colspan**colspan*
% Achieving National Expected Standards*colspan**colspan**colspan*
Disadvantaged Pupils (19)53%37%58%*colspan*
Other Pupils69%56%62%*colspan*
KS2 2016*colspan**colspan**colspan**colspan*
% Achieving National Expectations*colspan**colspan**colspan*
Disadvantaged Pupils (28)46%64%54%39%
Other Pupils (26)54%77%54%46%
Attendance 2016*colspan**colspan**colspan**colspan*
AttendancePersistent Abs (-85%)*colspan**colspan*
Disadvantaged Pupils92.88.1%*colspan**colspan*
All Pupils94.86.2%*colspan**colspan*

Evaluation of 2015-2016 Strategic Plan:

In light of the data analysis, the school has now established a more robust system of monitoring the attainment and progress of disadvantaged pupils. This will enable the Senior and Middle Leaders to be able to provide more effective training, support, advice and challenge where needed.

The attendance rates of some disadvantaged pupils is creating a further barrier to their progress, and so a more rigorous approach to monitoring and addressing their absences will be put in place, alongside creative strategies of further engaging parents.

Targeted interventions for disadvantaged pupils will be monitored for their impact so that successful strategies can be extended and shared throughout the school.

The effective pastoral and nurture provision will be enhanced and developed so that there is a structured system of provision to meet specific identified needs.

The particular needs of disadvantaged higher attainers requires further investigation to ensure that effective provision is put in place.

There is a need to provide focussed support for pupils eligible for Pupil Premium and who are New to English.

The Play Therapist provision has promoted improved learning behaviours, opportunities to develop social skills and increased readiness for school and will be continued.

The pupils’ social and emotional development is supported by experiencing a range of cultural, artistic and outdoor activities, so these will continue to be supported.

The Pupil Premium Grant will therefore be used to support the following strategies:

Pupil Premium Strategic Plan 2016 - 2017*colspan**colspan**colspan**colspan**colspan**colspan*
Focus / ProvisionWhat this doesTargeted PP PupilsCost from PPG fundingNew or continuedMonitored bySpecific Intended Outcomes
Release of Senior Leadership TeamTraining, advice, support and challenge so that teaching for all vulnerable groups is Good or betterAll years£21,665ContinuedExecutive Head


- School Improvement Committee

- Resources Committee
Quality first teaching across the school ensures good and better progress, closing the gap to national standards
Release of Middle LeadersTraining, advice, support and challenge so that teaching for all vulnerable groups is Good or betterAll years£32,025ContinuedExec HeadQuality first teaching across the school ensures good and better progress, closing the gap to national standards
Additional TA support for NTE pupils, from Jan 2017Growing percentage of children eligible for Pupil Premium are also New to English.

Intervention for NTE pupils to support accelerated progress
Years 2 to 6£6,578NewAssistant Head


- School Improvement Committee

- Resources Committee
Raise the progress rates for NTE / PP pupils' acquisition of English

NTE / PP pupils make rapid progress to ensure attainment gaps are closed significantly by July 2017

Class teachers are supported in managing mobility and NTE pupils effectively
Additional Teaching Assistant support in EYFS and KS1Early intervention in EYFS will have impact on further progressEYFS£36,183ContinuedEYFS Leader

Assistant Head


- School Improvement Committee

- Resources Committee
Close any gaps between PPG and non PPG pupils - raise attainment and achievement across the Foundation stage in Prime areas, Literacy and Maths so that PPG pupils attain GLD in line with their peers.

Ensure that 100% of our lessons in Foundation Stage are never less than good to maximise achievement and progress
Additional TAs trained in specific intervention strategiesFocussed and structured interventions used for identified pupils. All Years£12,061ContinuedPupils make good progress
Breakfast Club TAs Support school attendance, punctuality and healthy start to the day. All Years£12,000ContinuedExec HeadIdentified pupils do not loose learning time through absence and lateness.
Nurture Group TeamAdditional support to help overcome social and emotional barriers to learning so that vulnerable pupils are able to reach their potential academically.All Years£9,500ContinuedInclusion Leader / Head of School


- School Improvement Committee

- Resources Committee
Identified vulnerable children develop improved learning behaviours and make accelerated progress to achieve their targets by July 2017.
Provision of School UniformCouncil no longer provides vouchers for school uniform. Provision of a quality uniform supports ethos and cohesion.
KS1 parents will have to register for FSM to qualify for free uniform.
All Years£3,360ContinuedGovernors Monitoring CommitteeAll pupils have a quality uniform, ensuring inclusion

Pupil Premium not negatively affected by FSM for all KS1 pupils
Provide a range of life experiences and opportunities:

- Subsidise Residential visits

- Subsidise other educational visits

- Additional Instrument Tuition

- Art and Drama Consultants
Many Pupil Premium pupils do not have the opportunity to experience a range of cultural, outdoor, and sport activities enjoyed by less deprived familiesAll Years




ContinuedHead of School


- School Improvement Committee

- Resources Committee
Enrichment opportunities for disadvantaged learners.

Development of social skills, emotional skills and team building - part of schools purpose at education the whole child and ensures pupils have the range of experiences that will equip them to learn and achieve well
Play TherapistAdditional emotional and social support to enable identified pupils to reach their potential.£6,120 Inclusion Leader / Head of School

- School Improvement Committee

- Resources Committee
Targeted Children make good progress academically and reach their identified targets by July 2017.
Parental Support WorkerFocus on improving the attendance of children eligible for Pupil PremiumAll Years£8,106 +


ContinuedAssistant Head


- School Improvement Committee

- Resources Committee
Attendance of children eligible for Pupil Premium improves to be in line with other Pupils.
Total: £188,598

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