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Absence & Attendance

If your child is absent from school you are required to contact the school as early as possible. Please then, complete the form below and submit.

We ask parents to keep these to a minimum and to send an explanatory note on the child’s return in all cases.   A phone call to school before 9.15am on each day a child is absent informing school of the reason for a child’s absence is required.

Please note that legally teachers are only able to give authorised absence marks for certain eventualities such as illness and not for non-essential absence such as shopping etc.

It is very important that your child is in school everyday and on time.

Did you know? If a child attends school for 90% of the time it means that they will have missed half a year of their education by the time they leave school in Year 6. This is why the target for good attendance is set at 96% nationally.

At St. Columba’s we want to recognise all of our children that attend school every day and on time. Any child that is in school 100% of the time without being late will receive a wristband that celebrates this fantastic attendance. Children that receive a wristband every week of this half term will get a special invitation to our Star Attender Party.

Wrist band winners



Star Attender Party



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