Catch Up

Catch Up Curriculum 2020

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Access to the Full Curriculum

We believe that the children in our school should have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Hand washing, staggered starts, lunches and finish times have meant that the school day is shorter yet we stand firm in our belief that all subject areas should continue to be covered. This has created many challenges for teachers but we are committed to ensuring that your children will experience every subject across every half term. Teachers have been using ‘The Learning Challenge Curriculum’ to plan exciting lessons across all subjects. Please look at your child’s Knowledge Organiser for this half term to find out some of the things your children will be learning over the next term and check your child’s class page on the school website to find out their topics for the rest of the year. Children’s mental health and wellbeing are high on our agenda so each class has at least one SMSC session per week where they can discuss feelings and behaviours. They can also access additional Nurture support should they need it.

Catch Up Intervention

Schools are receiving additional funding in their budgets to support children in catching up. Children who have fallen behind may receive small group intervention or 1 to 1 tuition to help them to catch up. These children will be identified at different points throughout the year. We will use this page to keep you updated on the interventions we are using.

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Maths and English

It wouldn’t be impossible for teachers to teach, and for pupils to learn, all of the content which has been missed as well as all of the required objectives necessary to be expected in their current year group. As a result, the teachers are using planning documents which help them to identify only the most important objectives from the previous year – those objectives which are necessary for the children to make progress and those which complement their current year group’s objectives.  The links below will direct you to your child’s amended objectives for the year.

Reading Writing Speaking and Listening
Reading Year 6 Writing Year 6 Spoken Language Year 6
Reading Year 5 Writing Year 5 Spoken Language Year 5
Reading Year 4 Writing Year 4 Spoken Language Year 4
Reading Year 3 Writing Year 3 Spoken Language Year 3
Reading Year 2 Writing Year 2 Spoken Language Year 2
Reading Year 1 Writing Year 1 Spoken Language Year 1
Reading Reception Writing Reception Spoken Language Reception



Year 1 Maths Objectives

Year 2 Maths Objectives

Year 3 Maths Objectives

Year 4 Maths Objectives

Year 5 Maths Objectives

Year 6 Maths Objectives


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