St Columba’s Catholic Primary School

"Recognising every person is precious to God, our vision is to provide an excellent Catholic Education."

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Mrs C Markham, Executive Headteacher    

Mrs A Gautrey, Head of School

Mrs S Tolson, Assistant Headteacher


Mr J Bacon, Year 5

Miss C Brown, Reception

Mrs A Christie, Year 5

Mr M Cook, Year 3

Mrs H Dawson, Reception

Mr M Doidge, Year 6

Mrs C Donnelly, Year 4

Miss L Goff, Nursery (Foundation Stage Manager)

Miss A Horrell, Year 1

Mrs S Malik, Teacher

Mrs A Marcinczak, Reception

Miss R Mason, Year 1

Miss S McCauley, Year 5 (Information Technology Manager)

Miss M Meszaros, Year 3

Mrs C Ramsden, Year 2

Mrs V Page, Year 4

Miss R Swift, Teacher (SENCo)

Miss L Watson, Year 6

Miss C Wolanski, Year 2

Teaching Assistants

Mrs G Bell

Miss S Crisp (EYFS Practitioner)

Miss V Gildea (Lead EYFS Practitioner)

Miss M Gregoire

Mrs A Hainsworth

Mrs A Irvine

Mrs D Leeming

Miss K Lovett

Miss C Lowther

Mrs L Marshall

Mrs S McDonnell

Miss N Mitchell (Practitioner)

Mrs L Moore

Miss D Norman

Mrs C Pickles

Mrs W Redman

Mrs L Robinson

Mrs T Robinson

Mrs W Rocchio

Mrs J Slater

Mrs G Strangeway

Mrs L Thomas

Mrs G Vickers

Mrs L Wood (Practitioner)

Miss A Whitaker

Office Staff

Mrs J Hayes (Administrator)

Mrs A Sharp (Administrator)

Miss L Taylor (Administrative Assistant)

Mrs J Bugryniec (Clerical Assistant)

Mrs J Davies (Parental Involvement Officer)

Mr P Murphy (Bursar)

Site Staff

Mr B Townend (Caretaker)

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