6 Silver Birch

Merit Assemblies

Merit Assembly 1 Friday 1st May

Merit Assembly 2 Friday 8th May

Merit Assembly 3 Friday 15th May

Merit Assembly 4 Friday 22nd May

Wednesday 20th May

Hi Silver Birch,

We have a very exciting art competition which you can enter as part of the Catholic Schools Partnership. If you feel the need to communicate through art then this is definitely for you!

‘Every child is an artist’

Pablo Picasso

Congratulations to all the children who made the enormous efforts by entering their favourite story and recreating it in a box! Everyone who took part is a winner-it was just too difficult to choose. A prize will be with you this week so keep a look out.

Click here to find out about this competition where you could win book tokens!!

Click here to find out about this competition where you can have your work published!


Monday 18th May- Morning Worship

Friday 15th May

Thomas decided to do his ‘Book in a box’ on one of his favourite book from when he was younger. Super work Thomas, well done.

Here’s Ellie’s book in a box competition entry. It looks fantastic Ellie, well done!

This is Kevin’s entry.

Super work Kevin!!

Wednesday 13th May

Kevin has been busy again. Well done Kevin.             

Message from Mrs Kay –

Hi Children
Hope you’re all keeping well. I can see you’ve all been REALLY busy. The homework pages look absolutely brilliant. You really are an amazing bunch of children.
Year 6 your VE day work is marvelous. I love the photos sent by Josh and Jack in Sycamore class and Kacper and Marley in Hawthorn, your work on The Rainforest is amazing, especially Kacper’s drawing. The writing, maths and sewing activities in Rowan class are always so good.
I always enjoy having a sneaky peak at everything you do, before I post my activities.  Your teachers must be so proud of you. Well Done KS2!
I’ve been creating again and would love it SO much if more of you would take on the slipper challenge. Who can create a pair of recycled slippers from a hand towel, a cardboard box and a pop bottle?
Take care all of you and hopefully we’ll all be together soon.
Mrs Kay…With very unkempt hair.

Hello again,

One of our parents has nominated our school to win £5000 worth of Book tokens for our school library. All you have to do is ask the adults in your house to click on the link and fill in the nominate section. Get them to tell other members of your family and friends so we have a bigger chance of winning!


Thank you. Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Page xxx

Tuesday 12th May

Sorry I’m a bit late with yesterday’s work but here it is.

This is some of Thomas’ flag work and his writing. Well done Thomas.

Victoria has also been busy.

As always, Kevin has been busy on lots of different homework. Well done Kevin. Did you know that you can now hand in your work to me on the google classroom?

Here’s some more that Kevin has been working on today.


A message for all you wonderful Year 6 children!!

Thursday 7th May

Kevin has completed another full week of work doing his VE day flag task. It looks like you’ve been busy Kevin.

Don’t forget it’s a bank holiday tomorrow so you can have a day off. I’m quite certain you’ve earned a long weekend of rest. Well done Kevin.

Mrs Kay has asked me to add the activity below to our class page so here it is.

Hi Children I’m back again. HOPE YOU’RE ALL KEEPING SAFE AND WELL. Let’s all look forward to happy days on the beach or shopping with this new recycling idea I spotted on the internet.

It shows how to make this great lined beach/swimming/shopping bag out of two old pillow cases. Preferably a favourite one or that will remind you of this time of lockdown. I chose colour to remind me of blue skies and golden sands. I can’t wait for a time when I can use it.

What you need:-
1 patterned/favourite pillow case (plead with mum to replace it with a plain one)
1 plain pillow case
Dressmakers pins
Iron (ask for help when using this)Instructions
I’ve posted the You Tube link I used to create the bag. It’s a tricky one but I know some of you will take on this challenge.


Wednesday 6th May

Ellie has been working hard, which is no surprise to me because she always works hard. Here’s some of her Maths work on fractions. Super work Ellie.


Ellie has also sent in her ‘Book in a box’ entry, which is very impressive. I’m not going to show you it yet, I’ll keep it until nearer to the closing date. I hope you’ve got lots of ideas for making your box. You can send me your entry at any time. I’ll save the pictures and then show you them all at the same time.

Good luck, Mr Doidge


Kevin has been busy again. Here’s his work on the NHS.

He’s also been doing his daily reading. Looking at the thickness of it and how far through it he is, it looks like Kevin reads lots. That’s a great example to set Kevin, well done.

Tuesday 5th May

Kevin has been keeping up to his school work. Here’s some of his Maths – adding and subtracting fractions.Well done Kevin.


Ellie has been working on simplifying fractions, as well as the Greek alphabet and writing her name in Greek. Well done Ellie


Thomas has been working hard on his fractions again. Well done Thomas.

Monday 4th May

Thomas has been hard at work on his Maths.

Super work Thomas, keep going. I also heard that you had been helping Mrs S with a bit of hoovering. That’s excellent, well done.

Kevin has also been working on his Maths.


He’s also been working on his spelling and doing some reading. Well done Kevin, keep it up.



Monday 4th May

Happy Star Wars day everyone…may the fourth be with you!! I hope you are all well after a lovely weekend! Please find below this weeks writing task, spelling challenge, maths information for this week and a special reading competition! There is also an activity sheet for you to try VE Day activities at home to celebrate VE Day this Friday 8th May.

Writing Task
For this weeks writing task I would like you to create a Non-chronological report (Information page) on the NHS. Given that they are working so hard at the moment, I think now is the perfect time for you to find out as much as you can and preset the information to me. The best pieces will be selected for a special display in school.
Steps to Success
You have until Monday 11th May to complete this task! Let us celebrate the heroes on the front line and create some amazing reports!
Spelling Challenge
VE Day Activity Sheet
Stay safe guys, Mr Doidge 🙂



Email your entries to: admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 15th May.

Remember-you’ve got to be in it to win it!




















Hi Y6, I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to go for this week’s home learning.

Here’s the Maths for W/C 4th May

The website is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ 

Friday 1st May
Ellie doing research on World War Two and evacuation. A project she has decided to do herself.
That’s great to see Ellie. I seem to remember you being really interested in World War Two when we learnt about it before Christmas. You can be really proud of yourself for showing great initiative. It’s great to see you taking ownership of your learning. Please will you let us all see some of the work you do?
Thanks Ellie, keep up the good work.
Kevin has also been working hard again as he always does. Here he is working on his Maths and also doing his daily reading. Well done Kevin, it will be like you’ve never been away from school when you do get back, because you’ve done so much work while you’ve been off. Keep going with your fantastic effort. Well done.

Thursday 30th April

Mrs Strangeway has messaged me saying,  “Thomas says hello sir, I  Hope  you are ok. I finished this week’s story today. Tomorrow I am going to do some Maths work and topic work.

I’m fine thanks Thomas, and thanks for asking. I must say, you’re looking very relaxed while you’re doing your writing task. Well done for completing your writing task. I’d like to see your writing and Maths once you have completed them. Keep up the good work, take care and make sure you’re giving Mrs S plenty of help around the house.

Kevin has also been busy as always. He’s been doing some problem solving, singing and also the ‘Knicky, Knacky, Knoo dance’ with his brother and sister. It’s  very busy in Kevin’s house. Well done Kevin. I’ve just got one request. Can you train your dog to do the ‘Knicky, Knacky, Knoo dance’ as well?


Thurs 30th April

Good morning everyone! How are we at the end of April already? The weather seems to be brighter than it was yesterday so fingers crossed it stays that way so you can all enjoy your gardens or daily walk.

Don’t forget this weeks work needs to be sent to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 1st May 😃

Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.



Wednesday 29th April

Kevin has been working hard again. Here’s his story. Super work Kevin, keep it up.

Hi all, Kevin has been working hard again. He’s also been brushing up on his singing skills with his brother and sister. Well done Kevin.



Hi all, me again! Please could you take some time to visit the web page at BBC Ten Pieces. It’s a great resource where children and adults can get creative with classical/contemporary music. It is full of videos and other resources. You can access it here.

Tuesday 28th April 

Good morning Silver Birch, I hope you are all well!

Don’t forget it is Lesson 2 on Maths today, click here to access it online.

😃Message from Mrs Kay😃

Hi All.
I’ve been sewing again. I’ve sent instructions on how to recycle some old jeans and create a trendy new bag. I do hope someone will have a go. Take care out there and hopefully we’ll all be back quite soon.
Mrs Kay xxx
Recycled denim bag (Click here)

Monday 27th April
Thomas is doing some Maths and Bella is trying to help him. He's also made a wreath ready for the winner of the mini ancient greek Olympic games 🤣 
Wow Thomas, I hope Bella was helpful with your Maths work. I thought you were trying out the ancient Olympis sport of Dog Wrestling.
Hope you are well.Keep up the good work.

Kevin has sent us even more work. Well done Kevin.

Ellie has also been doing more work. Well done Ellie.

Good morning and happy Monday. Ellie has been working on her Maths and also practising her
cooking skills.I hope you're well Ellie,keep up the good work.


Kevin has also been working on his Maths, as well as doing his daily reading. Keep going Kevin,
I know you've been working hard to keep on learning during your time away from school.

Here's Brayden doing some of his work. It's great to see you Brayden. I hope you're keeping well
and managing to keep busy during your time away from school. Keep up the good work.

Monday 27th April

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well after having lovely sunshine this weekend! For English this week, I have a writing task where you need to write a story based on a picture and also a Spelling challenge...how many words will you guess and spell correctly?
Writing Task 

Steps to Success


Have fun with your writing and use the WAGOLL, Steps to Success and planning sheet to help you. Remember to send your completed spelling challenge and Writing task to me at admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 1st May!
Have a great day everyone, sending love and creative vibes...Mr Doidge :)

Here’s the Maths for W/C 27th April

The website is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/


During these difficult times we find ourselves in, the Jubilee Centre for Virtues have created some excellent fun activities for our children to enjoy and think about how we can help ourselves and others. I have uploaded each activity which are linked to the following virtues:







The Friendship activity is linked to Christmas however all you need to do is link it to what is happening to us all now during the pandemic. You could create a thank you card for all the key workers, your family. The list is endless.

Please email any activities to our admin email.


Thank you!

You can also access them and print them off by clicking on the link below.




Hi Year 6, for those of you who enjoy singing, Miss Wolanski has sent me this link for you to be able to join these sessions.
Virtual singing sessions – every day at 2pm with the Diocese’s brilliant singers!
Join in with energising vocal warm-ups, uplifting songs, fantastic musical activities and LOTS of fun, led by the Diocese’s expert vocal teachers.
Monday to Fridays at 2pm, with weekly KS1 and KS2 sessions too.
Subscribe to our youtube channel at
Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!
Mr Doidge

Friday 24th April

Here’s Thomas’ work from a few days ago. I tried to get Mrs S to get a picture of Thomas with his work. It seems he’s a bit camera shy. Thanks for sharing your work Thomas. Well done.


Thursday 23rd April

Kevin has been busy again. He’s done some Maths work……..

and also ‘The Milkshake dance’.

Here’s some of Victoria’s work. Well done Victoria.


Wednesday 22nd April

It looks like today has been a busy day for the Wac household. Well done to all three of you. It looks like you’re having great fun as well as learning. Keep up the good work.




Here’s Ellie out for her daily exercise and nature walk. I hope you’re well Ellie and managing to keep yourself busy.


Kevin’s here again. You’ll need another exercise book soon Kevin with the amount of work you’ve done in that one. Keep up the good work Kevin.

Topic Task

Your topic task for this week is to research the Olympic Games. You need to find out when they first started, why were they started, what games were first played along with any other information you can find out. This task will help you to complete the following task next week.

Have fun learning!!


Following on from yesterday, the information for Maths is as follows

It is an expectation that the class teacher receives 1 picture a week from each child doing their work.
White Rose Maths Hub is a company that school uses to plan and teach Maths lessons in school and they have produced some home learning and daily plans. They should take no longer than 40 minutes per day- below is the link to the website and some screen shots to help you. Please click on the age group appropriate for your children. Each lesson has 3 parts- a teaching video, a downloadable and printable activity and the answers. If you can download and print, you can work on the sheet. If not, it’s fine to do it on paper.

The website is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

The overview of this week is –

Lesson 1 –


Monday 20th April

During this time of learning at home, we will be posting weekly Maths, English and Topic tasks on our pages. It is an expectation that the class teacher receives 1 picture a week from each child doing their work.


White Rose Maths Hub is a company that school uses to plan and teach Maths lessons in school and they have produced some home learning and daily plans. They should take no longer than 40 minutes per day- below is the link to the website and some screen shots to help you. Please click on the age group appropriate for your children. Each lesson has 3 parts- a teaching video, a downloadable and printable activity and the answers. If you can download and print, you can work on the sheet. If not, it’s fine to do it on paper.

The website is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/


This week’s Maths is as follows:

Lesson 1 – Vertically opposite angles

Lesson 2 – Angles in a triangle

Lesson 3 – Angles in a triangle – special cases

Lesson 4 – Angles in a triangle – missing angles



Hi everyone,

I hope you’re well and keeping safe. I really am missing you all so much. Yes strange isn’t it. You don’t appreciate what you have until you don’t have it. 😁
Just had a look at your page on the school website and I have to do a huge shout out to your children. “WHAT WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHS! YOU’RE ALL AMAZING AND IT’S OBVIOUS HOW HARD YOU’RE ALL WORKING!” Kevin and Ellie, you’re working so hard and Victoria I really hope we get back before you change schools. I really have missed Year 6.

Take care of yourself out there

Mrs Kay


A great idea that you could try at home from Mrs Kay.

Wow!! Kevin has sent us his baked beans instructions already. Well done Kevin, super work.


Good morning Kevin, I hope you are safe and well. It looks like you’ve nearly completed Pig Heart Boy. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. I’m looking forward to reading your instructions once you have written them.

Monday 20th April 

Good morning everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely, sunny weekend with your families!

I have a fun writing task for you to complete and everyone will be able to take part!

I would like you to write a set of instructions for something you have played, made or even baked. You could write instructions for any of the Science experiments you have done too.

I have included a WAGOLL and Steps to Success to help you with your writing.

You have until Friday 24th April to complete your instructions and then send them and the photos to – admin@stcolumbas.sch.uk

I am looking forward to reading and following your instructions!

Take care, Mr Doidge.

Steps to Success


Friday 17th April

Kevin’s daily update has arrived. Hope you’re well Kevin.

Hi everyone, Ellie has been in touch. She’s been working hard again. Well done Ellie, I hope you’re all safe and well.


Thursday 16th April

Morning everyone, I hope you’re all well.

Here’s a website for you to try to keep yourself reading. Allow yourself 20 minutes a day. You can access Big Cat Collins books online for free!
Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk
Password: Parents20!
and click Login.

Kevin working on his daily routine. Great work Kevin, keep it up.

Wednesday 15th April


Here’s Kevin again, doing his daily exercise followed by some of his work.

Tuesday 14th April – Hi Kevin, it looks like you have nearly finished  Pig Heart Boy. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.

Monday 13th April –

Good to hear from you again Kevin. It looks like you’re still working hard over the Easter weekend and also enjoying some leisure time with your brother and sister.


Morning all, Victoria has been in touch again with this picture and message.

Good Evening, just like you I’m stuck in my house and I’d never in a million years say this, but I miss school. I was just looking at the website and all the pictures of my class and more. It’s heart breaking, but still I finished a ton of my work so I decided to quickly draw something. I’m not an artist, that’s a fact, but I tried. It’s not fun at the moment; sometimes I feel that I’m lonely. I miss school dinners, talking, or even running down the corridors when it’s tuckshop after school. I hope you all are safe, and active while you’re isolating yourself. Make the most of it.

Thanks Victoria, I’m sure lots of 6SB are feeling similar. Hopefully, if we all follow the government’s guidelines, we’ll be back to normal sooner rather than later. It’s good to hear that you’re missing school (not the running down the corridor bit), and I hope you’re looking forward to getting back as soon as we can. It would be great to hear from more of you to let us all know how you are getting on.


You can email me at – admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk –  to keep me up to date with how you’re getting on. You can do this as a message, in pictures or both.

Stay safe everyone – MrDoidge

11th April

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well, enjoying the nice weather and also your Easter break.

Victoria has been in touch and sent some photos of her work as well as a message.

Victoria’s message.

Good Evening, I hope you are well, because I am. Well I took some photos of my work well I’ll take some more if you want some with me! Well Hope you like them :))

I’d love to see some more photos of both you and your work Victoria. Keep up the good work  –  Mr Doidge

Good to see you still working hard Kevin, well done. It also looks like you’re giving Jessica some help too – excellent!

If you’re running out of work to do, you can follow the link below, which is for Purple Mash. You can sign up to this for free and there’s lots of activities covering lots of different curriculum areas.


9th April

Good morning all, hope you’re all safe and well.

God to see you working hard again Kevin, well done.



Wednesday 8th April

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all safe and well. Good to see you reading and also doing a bit of P.E. too.  Keep up the good work.

Mr Doidge

Tuesday 7th April

Hi all, here’s Kevin again working hard. What a great example Kevin, well done.

Don’t forget your ‘Station Of The Cross’ art work. This needs to be emailed to me by tomorrow (Wednesday 8th April) at the very latest. Don’t forget it’s Station 10 – Jesus is stripped of his garments.

Take care and stay safe – Mr Doidge


Monday 6th April

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and staying safe. It’s good to hear from Kevin again. Good to see you working on your reading and inference skills. That gives me the impression that you’re working hard and setting a great example to your class mates. I’ve not heard from many of you yet Year 6!! It would be great to hear how you’re all getting on and what you’ve been doing.

Take care

Mr Doidge


Below is information about an Easter Competition that you might want to enter- the details are all below!

Great to see you hard at work again Kevin. I see you’ve also been doing some Yoga, which is great to see. Take care and stay safe.

Mr Doidge

Friday 3rd April

Easter Egg Competition

A massive well done to everyone who took part in the Year 5 and 6 Easter Egg competition.  All of the entries were egg-cellent.  After much discussion by a panel of rap experts (your teachers) decided that Alexandra’s fantastic Easter Rap was the winner.



Good afternoon 6SB, it’s Mr Doidge here. As next week is Holy Week, I’d like you to do some art work based on the stations of the cross. Our class station is number 10 – Jesus is stripped of his garments. You’ll be able to find images of this on the internet so that you have something to work from. Once you have done this, you can email them to school (by Tuesday 7th April) and they can be put here on our class page.


Good morning Year 6, Mr Doidge and Mrs Page would like you to try out some practical science. Below are two websites for you to access lots of different experiments. We’d like you to choose one and try it. Please take photos of what you’ve done so we can put them on our class page. It would be great if you could also add some description to go with your pictures.

https://www.fabscience.co.uk/EXPERIMENTS/                             https://www.science-sparks.com/


Thursday 2nd April – It’s your birthday Adomas!! Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day. I hope you’re keeping well and staying safe. It would be great to hear from you to let us all know what you’re doing on your birthday.

Hope you’re all safe and well.

Mr Doidge


Here is your Maths challenge for today to keep your brain active.


Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Ellie and happy birthday to you. I hope you have a great day even if it is a little different to the usual birthdays. Stay safe.

Apologies to Krystian, I missed your birthday last week. Here’s a belated shout out for you. Best wishes from

Mr Doidge.


Tuesday 31st March

Here’s Ellie again working on her English skills before moving onto learn how to make healthy crisps. Well done Ellie, it’s good to learn life skills as well as working on your school work.

Once again, here’s Kevin working hard on a SAT Buster 10 minute test. Well done Kevin.

Stay safe everyone.

Oh Year 6, you lucky people. Look at the activities you can access on   www.kidadl.com. If you run out of school work to do, there’s lots of activities for you to do on here.

Here’s Ellie enjoying practising her English skills and creative writing. Well done Ellie, as usual you look to be working hard. I’m sure Mrs Tolson will be pleased that you’re working on your English. You will be able to use your creativity to help you to write your RAP.  It seems like such along time since I saw you after your accident. I hope your arm is getting better. I hope to hear from you again soon. Take care and stay safe.

Mr Doidge

After some hard work on ‘Pig Heart Boy’ our class book, it’s time for a little relaxation for Kevin. Well done Kevin, keep it up. I hope you’re going to have a look at Medical Mavericks tomorrow morning. Take care and stay safe.

Mr Doidge

This looks amazing and ties in to our Science work! I will be logging on to see it and I hope you will join me! www.facebook.com/MedicalMavericks

Image may contain: 8 people, possible text that says 'MedicalMavericks Big Assembly TOMRROW 9: 9:40am Join Tom to see his heart and blood vessels using an ultrasound machine! Straight after Joe Wicks! Live on Facebook! www.facebook.com/medicalmavercks www. IMEDICAL MAVERICKS'


Monday 30th March

Here is your daily Maths challenge to keep your brain active. Remember to keep sending me photos and messages to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk.

I knew I could rely on Kevin to be hard at work. Well done Kevin, it looks like you’re getting well on with ‘Pig Heart Boy’. Keep up the good work.

After all his hard school work, Thomas gave Mrs S a helping hand cleaning the windows. Great work Thomas!!

Well done again Thomas!! You’re certainly leading the way with topic homework. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Mr Doidge


Friday 27th March

Kevin hard at work. Well done Kevin, keep up the good work. I hope you and all your family are managing to keep safe and well.


Friday 27th March

Here is your daily Maths challenge to keep your brains active!

Please send in your video entries by Wednesday 1st April, as the Year 5 and 6 teachers will be judging them before announcing the lucky winner on Friday 3rd April. The winner’s egg will be delivered on Friday 3rd April- good luck!!

Keep up the good work Thomas. It’s great to see you continuing your learning even though you’re not in school. It would be nice to hear from you as well to let us all know how you’re getting on. Come on 6SB, let’s hear from lots  more of you! Stay safe all of you – Mr Doidge

A nice idea from the Mini Vinnie Society for you to create your own prayer.

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all safe and well. Mrs Page’s class are putting us to shame with their posts compared to ours.

Well done Thomas, keep up the good work. I’ve heard a rumour that Thomas is also going to be making a model as part of his Topic homework. I can’t wait to see the pictures Thomas.


Try these Maths challenges to keep your mind active

You can email me at   –   admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk  – to keep me up to date with how you’re getting on. You can  do this as a message, in pictures or both.

Audible have put loads of children’s books on for free. Here’s the link – https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

I know you will all be working hard on the learning packs but here are some online RE resources for you to access at home to cover what we would have been learning in school (click here).


Hi there everyone,

I hope you’re all well.  It seems really strange not to be in school but it’s obviously for the safety of all of us.  I trust you’ve been doing some of the work from your pack.  It’s all knowledge that you can take to secondary school with you and is there to help you.

Hope to see you all again soon.  Take care and keep yourselves safe,

Mr Doidge.




Maths SAT Buster 10 minute test booklet and a personalised Maths booklet based on your child’s areas for development (as identified in our last assessment),

A piece of writing to complete which will be based on previous learning so it is accessible for your child,

Reading SAT Buster booklet,

Our class book, Pig Heart Boy and some questions based around this.

You will also receive ‘Topic’ homework which will be based on your child’s upcoming topic in the Summer term,

A workbook for all work to be completed in and a pencil.

As your child is in Year 6, we know how important their learning at this stage is and as such have set out some expectations for this homework.

Maths SAT Buster 10 minute tests – 1 of each to be completed per day,

Reading SAT Buster – 2 texts per week,

Writing – to be completed during the period we are off,

Pig Heart Boy – children to read 15 minutes per day and answer the questions.

It is also expected that children login and complete 3 sessions of Spelling Shed (click here) and Times Table Rock Stars (click here) per week as they would if they were in scho

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