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Merit Assemblies

Merit Assembly 1 Friday 1st May

Merit Assembly 2 Friday 8th May

Merit Assembly 3 Friday 15th May

Merit Assembly 4 Friday 22nd May

Wednesday 20th May

Hi 3 Hazel,

We have a very exciting art competition which you can enter as part of the Catholic Schools Partnership. If you feel the need to communicate through art then this is definitely for you!

‘Every child is an artist’

Pablo Picasso

Congratulations to all the children who made the enormous efforts by entering their favourite story and recreating it in a box! Everyone who took part is a winner-it was just too difficult to choose. A prize will be with you this week so keep a look out.

Click here to find out about this competition where you could win book tokens!!

Click here to find out about this competition where you can have your work published!


Monday 18th May- Morning Worship

Hello 3 Hazel,

One of our parents has nominated our school to win £5000 worth of Book tokens for our school library. All you have to do is ask the adults in your house to click on the link and fill in the nominate section. Get them to tell other members of your family and friends so we have a bigger chance of winning!


Thank you. Love Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Page xxx


Updates – 12.05.20

Good afternoon everyone! I’ve been very impressed with the work you have submitted from Google Classroom so far. I have marked the writing and sent back the writing to those of you that submitted it on Classroom, well done! I’ve also attached updates from children that have sent in work to the normal email address. Keep it up!

Jakub worked really hard on his Maths last week, I’m very impressed with how much you’ve remembered – well done Jakub!

Kaelan has already started his Maths and Reading from Google Classroom. It looks great – well done Kaelan!

Dominik has already sent in his BFG character description from Google Classroom. Your writing looks brilliant and I’m very impressed with your illustration – well done Dominik!

Maks has written a brilliant leaflet about the NHS, I really like the colourful design – well done Maks!

Updates – 09.05.20

Good afternoon, I hope you’re all enjoying the Sun! As always I’ve been very impressed with the work I’ve received this week, keep it up! I’m really looking forward to launching home learning on Google Classroom so make sure you check there from 9am on Monday!

Tinashe has worked really hard on her Maths, Geography and RE learning and has also pushed herself to do the three chili challenge – well done Tinashe!

Nikola has drawn a brilliant family portrait and some very detailed RE work, you’ve done really well on the hottest chili challenge – well done Nikola!

Another brilliant working arm model from Maks and a family portrait. You look to be concentrating really hard to use those tools safely – well done Maks!

I am very impressed with Lena’s writing, Maths and Science work this week. Your working arm model looks great – well done Lena!

Jakub is this week’s Star of the Week for this amazing NHS leaflet! He has clearly done a lot of research and is working really hard on his handwriting – well done Jakub!

Harvey has done some brilliant Geography research on York and his Mum has also been very impressed with how much he can remember about the human skeleton from our Science lessons – well done Harvey!

Giorgi-Lee looks to have concentrated really hard on his art work – well done Giorgi!

More baking! Gabriela has put lots of effort into her Maths work every single day and has also made a cake – well done Gabriela!

Emily has written a brilliant leaflet about the NHS and still had time to make a cake – well done Emily!

Daisy has been working really hard on her Maths this week and has also done a super self-portrait with her Dad – well done Daisy!

07.05.20 – Science 

Good Morning 3 Hazel! Today’s Science task is on healthy eating. We looked at this in class so everyone should be familiar with the food groups and the importance of a healthy diet. If you’re unsure use the powerpoint for a recap. The tasks are split into chili challenges but if you do decide to do the ‘hot’ task you must have also done the ‘mild’ task. Have a great day and I can’t wait to see how you get on! 🙂

healthy eating pyramid

Healthy eating chili challenges

06.05.20 – RE

Good morning! I’ve already had some brilliant work sent in so far this week, keep it up! Today’s RE chili challenges are about the parable of the sower. This is quite a challenging story but I was really impressed by how well you all persevered to try and understand it in class so I’m looking forward to seeing your answers. I’ve attached the story we looked at in class, listen really carefully as it will help you to understand the story’s meaning. I hope you all have a good day!

The Parable of the Sower

The Parable of the Sower Chili Challenges


Topic – Geography

Last week’s topic task involved deepening our understanding of the UK and where certain cities are located within it. Hopefully you all managed to locate York because this week we will be researching this great city and telling others all about it’s amazing features. So get your researching hats on and tell me all about York! I have provided 2 chili challenges (mild to hot) so try and push yourself. Enjoy. 🙂

Visit York



Email your entries to: admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 15th May.

Remember-you’ve got to be in it to win it!



















04.05.20 – English, Maths, RE and spelling challenge!

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a brilliant weekend. Please find this week’s writing task, Maths weekly overview and RE chili challenges for today. It has been great seeing how hard you’ve all been working, don’t forget to keep sending updates to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk so we can all stay in touch 🙂

Writing Task

This week I would like you to write an information leaflet (fact file) all about the amazing National Health Service (NHS)! They are working especially hard at the moment to look after us all so try and find out as much information about this amazing organisation as you can. As always start by finding all the writing features of a leaflet in the model text (mine is all about the River Nile). Then you might want to do some research to find out information to fit under the headings I have attached below to plan your own leaflet and finally use the steps to success to start writing! You have until Monday 11th May which is a little bit more time than usual because of the bank holiday weekend. The best pieces will go on a special display in school so try your best as always! I can wait to see them!

Examples of headings you might use:

  • History of the NHS
  • Success Stories
  • What do they do?
  • Who works there?
  • Quick Facts

Information Leaflet Model Text

Information Leaflet Steps to Success


Reading – To be completed by 8.5.20


Click the link below.

RE – The Lost Son

Today’s RE task is based on the story of The Lost Son that we looked at in class, there is a video below to remind you of the story. Again the tasks are chili challenges ranging from mild to hot so keep pushing yourself! Please answer the challenges in your home exercise book.

The Story of the Lost Son

Story of The Lost Son Chili Challenge Tasks








30.4.20 – Science and updates


01.05.20 – Art and Updates

Good morning 3 Hazel. I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. Today’s Art task is to create a family portrait. A portrait is a drawing of a person. It shows a person’s face and sometimes part of their shoulders. Use the step-by-step instructions below to draw portraits of people in your family. You could draw portraits of family members you can’t see at the moment, to help you think about them. I would really love to see as many of your portraits as possible so please send them in! 🙂

family portrait


Well done to everyone that has sent in work this week, I’m very impressed! Don’t forget that I need your fantasy stories by the end of today.

Another brilliant piece of writing and excellent Geography work – well done Gabriela!

Daisy has been working really hard this week. Your writing and RE work looks great, brilliant poster as well – well done Daisy!

Giorgi-Lee has been working really hard on his English and Maths this week, you look really proud of your work – well done Giorgi!

Another brilliant piece of writing Harvey – well done!

Heidi has been working really hard on her Maths this week and has even had time for some cooking! Well done Heidi!

Maks has written an amazing fantasy story and has managed to include every step to success with excellent handwriting! He’s also shown a really good understanding of the story of the Lost Sheep – well done Maks!

30.04.20 – Science

Good afternoon 3 Hazel, I hope you’ve all had a great morning! Today’s Science task is on the human skeleton and muscles. We looked at this in class so everyone should be familiar with how the skeleton functions and the importance of muscles. The first part requires some reading so if you’re a little unsure you might want to read through with an adult. The second part requires you to make your very own working arm, for this I would recommend adult supervision just for safety. I hope you all enjoy today’s task and I can’t wait to see how you all get on. 🙂

Science – Reading comprehension

Make a working arm


29.04.20 – RE and Updates!


Good morning 3 Hazel, I hope you’re all having a good week! Today’s RE task is based on the story of the Lost Sheep that we looked at in class, there is a video below to remind you of the story. Again the tasks are chili challenges ranging from mild to hot so try and challenge yourself! If you don’t have access to a printer you can write the answer to your challenge in your home exercise book.

Story of The Lost Sheep Video

Story of The Lost Sheep Chili Challenge Tasks


Nikola has already written her amazing fantasy story! Well done Nikola – don’t forget to read and check your sentences after you’ve written them but you’ve used direct speech and adverbs really well!

Jakub has also finished his story and done some brilliant fractions work! Well done Jakub – try and use a little more speech but your handwriting looks brilliant!

Harvey wanted to update us on his brilliant instructions from last week which he looks to have followed with excellent results! Well done Harvey – keep up the reading!

Daisy has been working really hard on her Maths this week. Well done Daisy – keep it up!


Topic – Geography

Good afternoon everyone, I’m sure you’re all keeping busy. I have attached this week’s geography task. It is focusing on understanding the differences between the British Isles, United Kingdom and Great Britain. While you do this, you will also improve your  knowledge of the UK as we have already done a little bit of map reading in class this year.

Recap of the UK

UK activity sheet


Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a brilliant weekend. I have attached a timetable of tasks that will go on this page every week so that we are covering as much as we can whilst we’re not in school, I will keep this timetable at the top of the page so you can keep checking it. Today’s tasks are Writing (which is due on Friday), Maths (see this week’s overview below) and RE.

Please note it is an expectation that each child submits at least one piece of work per week to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk so that I can see how you are all getting on. You definitely broke our record for the most updates in a week last week and it was amazing to see, I’ve attached them underneath the RE work. Have a good day!

Writing Task

This week I would like you to write a narrative (story) based on this image of these two fantasy characters. Start by finding all the writing features of a story in the model text (you should recognise it!), then answer the questions underneath this image to plan your own story and finally use the steps to success to start writing! Please submit these to me by Friday 1st May, I can’t wait to read them!

Think about these questions as you are looking at the picture and make notes.

  • What is happening in the picture? Who are the characters? What could their names be?
  • Why does the purple creature have a peg on its nose?
  • Is the large character an ogre? A troll? Or something else?
  • Why is his foot in a bowl?
  • How is he feeling? How do you know?

Now you are ready to write your story about these characters!

Fantasy Narrative Model Text

Fantasy Narrative Steps to Success

White Rose Maths

RE – The Story of Zacchaeus

Today’s RE is focusing on the story of Zacchaeus which we looked at in school. I have attached a worksheet with chili challenges! I would like you to choose the task you’d like to do from mild, spicy or hot. Please only choose one of the three tasks and try and choose the one that you think is at your level, ask a grown up to help if you aren’t sure. I’ve attached a video of the story to help you remember it.

The Story of Zacchaeus

Story of Zacchaeus Chili Challenge Tasks


Dawid looks very proud of his amazing instructions and fractions work – well done Dawid!









Dominik’s brilliant instructions – well done Dominik!









Emily’s brilliant instructions. Keep concentrating on your letter sizes – well done Emily!








Heidi has put a lot of effort into her instructions. Try remember all your capital letters – well done Heidi!

Jessica has been working really hard on her homework pack – well done Jessica!









Lena has been working really hard on her English and Maths – well done Lena! The biscuits look amazing!








Tinashe has written a really detailed set of instructions – well done Tinashe!


Reflecting on Virtues Activities

During these difficult times we find ourselves in, the Jubilee Centre for Virtues have created some excellent fun activities for our children to enjoy and think about how we can help ourselves and others. I have uploaded each activity which are linked to the following virtues:




Courage and Bravery

Compassion, Kindness and Gratitude


The Friendship activity is linked to Christmas however all you need to do is link it to what is happening to us all now during the pandemic. You could create a thank you card for all the key workers, your family. The list is endless.

Please email any activities to our admin email.


Thank you!

You can also access them and print them off by clicking on the link below.



Good afternoon everyone, I hope you’re all well! I am amazed at how much work you’ve sent in this week, it must be a new record! Don’t forget if you haven’t already sent in your instructions I need them by tomorrow. I have shared all the work I’ve received so far this week below so you can all see how well everyone has been doing. Well done!

Dominik, Gabriela and Daisy have been working really hard on their Maths, well done! I’m glad you had a good birthday as well Daisy!

Jakub and Giorgi-Lee’s brilliant instructions, well done!

Nikola has been using the White Rose Maths resources, well done!

Emily has been learning about Earth Day – great poster Emily, well done!

Brilliant instructions Maks, well done for testing them as well!

20.04.20 – Writing Task, White Rose Maths Hub and updates!

Writing Task!

Good morning 3 Hazel, I hope you all had a good weekend! This week I would like you to write a set of instructions all about ‘how to make the perfect sandwich’ using a filling of your choice! I already know how amazing you all are at writing instructions so I’m really looking forward to reading these. I would like you to really take your time writing this piece and try and included all of the steps for success that I have attached below. I have also attached an example of a set of instructions to give you an idea of what your end piece might look like.

Please submit these to me at admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 24th April. It would also be great if you could included photos of you making your sandwich to show each step of your instructions and your finished product! 🙂

Instructions Steps to Success

Instructions Model Text

White Rose Maths Hub!

White Rose Maths Hub is a company that school uses to plan and teach Maths lessons in school and they have produced some home learning and daily plans. They should take no longer than 40 minutes per day- below is the link to the website and some screen shots to help you. Please click on the age group appropriate for your children. Each lesson has 3 parts- a teaching video, a downloadable and printable activity and the answers. The website is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

*Please stick to week 1 activities.


Thank you to those of you that sent me updates last week, it’s great to see you all working hard, well done! It was also really nice to speak to all of your parents on the phone on Friday and even some of you! Keep sending me updates to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk, they are brilliant!

16.04.20 – Maths tasks!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a brilliant Easter weekend! I am attaching some Maths tasks below following on from our work in school. Please email your answers (with explanations), along with any other updates, to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk

10.04.20 – Happy Easter Weekend!

Good afternoon everyone! I’m missing you all, hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunshine. Today is Good Friday and the start of the Easter weekend. I’ve been using my time today to do some baking, starting with scones. I would love to see some pictures of any baking you’ve been doing whilst you are at home, see if you can do some this weekend and email them to me at admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk. Lets have a Great British 3Hazel Bake Off!

I’m looking forward to seeing your efforts! Have a brilliant Easter weekend and hopefully I’ll see you all soon!

Mr Grant 🙂


Good morning 3Hazel, we seem to have lots of amazing Scientists ‘working from home’ recently! Lena K has completed the skittles experiment and Gabriela has sent in a video of the experiment she did using washing up liquid. What do you think caused these reactions?

Have a great day 🙂


Station 8: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

Thank you Gabriela, Maks, Nikola and Jakub for your Station of the Cross Art Work, they all look great, well done! I have also attached a description of the Station below for us to reflect on today.


Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem.

Jesus is kind to the people who have followed him, especially the women who cry as he passes them, carrying his cross. He stops to speak. Perhaps he first offers a prayer for them. And though he loves them in silence, he says something shocking: Do not cry for me, he says. Cry for yourself and your children. It is not enough to be a bystander. It is not enough to cry over other people’s pain. Tears are easy. Action is not. Mere tears are like saying I want to be good, then doing what’s bad. They are like saying I’m sorry and then doing hurtful things. When I see this Station, I realise that good intentions are not enough. They must lead to good deeds. And good deeds can lead to changes in myself that may affect everyone I meet.

Jesus, please teach me to think good thoughts and then to do good deeds.

Pray silently:

For the sins of his own nation,

Saw him hang in desolation,

Till his Spirit home was borne.



07.04.20 – Updates

Good afternoon everyone, I’m missing you all and I hope you’re all well! I can see it’s already been a busy week for lots of you, don’t forget I need your Station of the Cross Art Work (see below) by the end of the day. I’ve had some brilliant ones sent in so far and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all tomorrow!

Thank you to those of you that have been sending me updates, I’ve attached them below for you all to look at! Well done everyone, keep them coming – admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk.

Jakub’s balloon experiment!

A video of Maksymilian’s homemade lava lamp!


Gabriela has been enjoying the sunshine in Brierley Woods, Giorgi-Lee has been designing a Viking longship and Emily has written and illustrated her own story!

03.04.20 – Holy Week

It is Holy Week next week and 3 Hazel’s Station of the Cross is Station number 8 – Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem. Our task is to create a piece of Art Work showing this using felt tips, paints, tissue paper or any type of crafts you have at home!

Please could you do these and send a picture of your work to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Tuesday 7th April ready for our station on Wednesday, then I will be able to post them on our class page and on the RE page.

Here is a picture to help you think of some ideas – it shows Jesus meeting the women of Jerusalem while he is carrying the cross. I’m looking forward to seeing them!

Easter Egg Competition Winner

A massive well done to everyone who took part in the Lower Key Stage 2 Easter Egg competition.  All of the entries were egg-cellent. However, after much discussion, the panel of experts (your teachers) have chosen Maksymilian in 4 Poplar’s fantastic entry as the winner.
We hope you all enjoyed making your eggs and well done again for taking part. I was very impressed by our class’s efforts!


02.04.20 – Science!

Good afternoon! Today I would like you to have a go at some practical science. Below are two websites for you to access lots of different experiments. I’d like you to choose one and try it. Please take photos of what you’ve done and send them to me so I can put them on this page (admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk). It would be great if you could also add some description to go with your pictures. The ‘You are what you eat!’ experiment on the Fab Science website links really well to our learning about a balanced diet!


https://www.fabscience.co.uk/EXPERIMENTS/                                    https://www.science-sparks.com/


Happy April Fools Day! Trina, Maks and Emily have been keeping themselves very busy at home, I hope you’re all having a super day! Keep sending your updates to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk.

31.03.20 – Birthdays!

Even though we’re not in school I still don’t want to miss anyone’s birthday! I’ve attached cards for Gabriela, Mia and Daisy who have had birthdays while we’ve been off school, sorry they’re late I hope you all had a brilliant day!


Great to see Gabriela, Maksymilian, Lena K and Harvey keeping busy! Gabriela did a great job of the Edinburgh Zoo task, Maks is still working hard on his Maths and Lena and Harvey are both getting some daily exercise, well done! Keep sending your updates to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk I hope you’re all having a good day!

27.03.20 – More updates! (admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk)

A very active day!

Gabriela has been developing her own way of watering her raspberry plants and Kaelan has been doing some tai chi with his brother. It’s great to see how you’re all keeping busy, you’ve inspired me to turn my garden into a golf practice zone!

It’s great to see that Kaelan has also done a really good job at the Edinburgh Zoo task, he chose to write about koalas!

26.03.20 – Updates!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a good day. Keep sending me updates at admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk so we can all stay in touch. They make my day!

Lena K has been doing some brilliant writing and work on perimeter using objects around her house. Working outside is a great idea Lena!

It’s great to see Giorgi Lee, Gabriela and Trina working hard at home!

Image previewImage preview

25.03.20 – Edinburgh Zoo!

Good afternoon everyone!

Edinburgh Zoo have put cameras in their enclosures so you can ‘go to the zoo’ without leaving your house! I would like you to choose one of these animals (pandas, penguins, tigers, koalas or rockhoppers) and write a description about them in your exercise books. Remember to describe the animal’s appearance, how it moves, what it eats and anything else you notice. Include as many adjectives and expanded noun phrases as you can! For an extra challenge see if you can include a simile (the tiger’s teeth are as sharp as a…)!

Click here for the link to the zoo’s live enclosures.

Please email your descriptions as well as any other updates to me at admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk – I’m looking forward to reading them!

Image result for smiling panda

Enjoy the rest of the day, keep checking for more updates.

Mr Grant


24.03.20 – Free Audible books!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all keeping well!

Lots of you have been emailing me with updates and letting me know how much you’ve been reading which is brilliant to see. Please keep emailing me with updates at admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk it’s great to see how you’re all getting on.

I thought I’d let you all know that Audible have made lots of children’s books available to listen to for free! I’ll post the link below, let me know if you find any good ones and I’ll give them a listen too. I’ll also keep posting here so keep checking!

Missing you all!

Mr Grant

Click here

Image preview


Hello 3 Hazel!

I just wanted to say how incredibly proud I am of how everyone in our class stayed so positive last week and made such a brilliant effort to stay happy and focused. I feel very lucky to be working with such a brilliant group of children!

I will be posting updates on this page weekly (at least) to help us all stay in touch and I will be posting pictures, videos and activities so please keep checking.

Have a go at this Maths problem based on our work on perimeter:

Whitney is measuring the perimeter of a square.
She says she only needs to measure one side of the square.
Do you agree? Explain your answer (“I agree/disagree because…”).
Are there any other shapes this might work for?

Selection of RE Activities (including Easter) – click here

I would also really like you to stay in touch with me to let me know how you all are! You can forward things to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk and let them know to pass your updates on to me. It would be great to see how you are all getting along with your packs too!

Best wishes and I hope to see you all soon!

Mr Grant

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