Religious Education

At St Columba’s we give our children the opportunity to grow in God’s love and use Jesus’ teachings to build positive, respectful relationships with others, within our school and the wider community.

We follow ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’ programme, as recommended by the Diocese of Leeds, alongside supplementary materials, to encourage our pupils to be actively involved in their learning and to develop curiosity, creativity and independent thought.

We encourage every child to use our school Virtues to live out our mission ‘Every Person is Precious to God.’ Children are to have a valuable role in liturgy, right from the time they first begin to know what I means to pray and respond to God and God’s creation.

Religious Education Policy

Curriculum RE 1

Knowledge Mats

At the start of each new topic, our pupils are given a knowledge mat to support their learning throughout the topic.  They highlight key knowledge and key vocabularly that the children are expected to learn and understand.  Please take a look at our knowledge mats below.


Reception – God’s World             Reception – God’s Family

Reception – Getting to Know Jesus 

Year One

Year 1 – God’s Great Plan             Year 1 – Mary Our Mother

Year 1 – Families and Celebrations           Year 1 – Following Jesus 

Year Two

Year 2 – Chosen People                 Year 2 – Miracles 

Year 2- The Good News                              Year 2 – The Mass

Year 3

Year 3 – The Christian Family     Year 3 – Mary, Mother of God

Year 3 – Jesus the Teacher                          Year 3 – Called to Change

Year 4

Year 4 – The Bible                           Year 4 – Trust in God

Year 4 – Celebrating the Mass                    Year 4 – Jesus, The Saviour

Year 5

Year 5 – Creation                             Year 5 – God’s Covenants

Year 5 – Inspirational People                      Year 5 – Reconciliation

Year 6

Year 6 – The Kingdom of God

Below is a range of impressive work that has been produced by our children across school.

RE Impact


Other Faiths

Religious Education should introduce children to the background and beliefs of people of other faiths so that prejudice and misunderstanding can be overcome from an early age.

At St Columba’s, we give pupils the opportunity to develop an appropriate knowledge, understanding and respect for the religious beliefs of others.  Please take a look at our provision map below.

St Columbas Other Faiths


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