Charges for School Activities etc.

We aim to provide free of charge to parents all staff, resources and equipment needed to educate the pupils in our care.  In order to enrich the curriculum we offer and to assist parents with care of their pupils we provide a range of additional activities and as often school cannot finance these from its own resources it asks for either voluntary contributions from parents or makes charges.

School organises many trips and visits and asks parents to make a voluntary contribution towards the costs of some of them.  School finances when they are available for this purpose are used to subsidise trips and to provide free trips.  Charges are levelled for the After School Care we provide (£2.50 a night – £10.00 a week)  School runs a Breakfast Club for which it charges no fees but parents of pupils who attend do have to pay for the food items they purchase from the kitchen which is run by Bradford Council (items for sale are heavily subsidised by school).

When deciding on the level of any charge on voluntary contribution requested from parents we aim to make the amount requested

  1. As low as possible
  2. Affordable for our parents

We also seek to ensure that any such activity is of good educational value and good value for money.

To download a trip permission slip please ‘Click Here.

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