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Mrs Dawson’s Fun Activities For the Week. 

Wednesday 1st April

Have you been writing your diary?

In your home learning pack you were given a diary sheet to write. I’ve attached some photos of children who have sent in photos of their diaries so far. I have attached a link to the diary sheet below if you can’t find it, or you can use a notebook or your homework book. While we aren’t at school it is important that the children continue to practice their writing. An easy way to do this is to write a sentence every day (or as often as you can) in your diary. Write about what you have been doing each day even if it’s something as simple as, I went to bed, I sat in my chair,  or, I go to my room. As long as the children are practicing sounding words out it doesn’t matter what they write.  Try to use words which have phase 3 phonemes (sounds) and tricky words in if you can. I’ve attached photos of these in case you aren’t sure what they are. Remember to use your cursive handwriting and write on the line.



Tuesday 31st March

Build your tricky word knowledge

Look at this amazing idea that one of our parents had for learning tricky words. I thought it was so good I wanted to share it with everyone. You can do this with numbers and letters as well. If you can’t print the words you could write them on with pen. Or look for them in the paper or in magazines, cut them out and stick them on with sticky tape.  Remember to share what you are doing with us on Tapestry. We love to see how you are keeping busy. 


Monday 30th March

Wibble Wobble Jelly on a Plate

We decided to make jelly the other day. It’s so easy but Lyla very much enjoyed it and we were able to use in as a maths, science and healthy eating activity. Lyla counted the cubes as she split the jelly. She talked about what she observed happening to the jelly and why, we added fruit and talked about the importance of eating health and why, and we talked about what half looked like when Lyla put half the tin of fruit in the jelly. We then observed what happened to the jelly as it cooled in the fridge and why. See if you can observe any changers when making things. It could be cheese or ice cream melting, or bread going crispy when it’s toasted. Talk about how and why this is happening and send us the videos on Tapestry.


Friday 27th March

It’s Rainbow Home Challenge Day 🌈

This week’s home challenge is a 3D shape hunt. I have added a picture below of the 3D shapes you need to look for and the vocabulary that we would like you to use when talking about them. On Tapestry I have added a video of me talking about a resource I found that you may find useful to help teach your child about 3D shapes (3D shapes that you can make. See photo below), and a video of me talking to my daughter about 3D shapes using the vocabulary. We then went on a shape hunt so I’ve added a photo of what we found. Add your photos of your shape hunt to Tapestry and see if you can find more. We didn’t find any cones so see if you can. I can’t give you an orange stick this week so anyone who does the home challenge will get an orange heart sticker when you add your pictures to Tapestry. 🧡

Here is the link to the 3D shapes I got from twinkl but there are lots of different ones to choose from. Log onto twinkl with the details at the very bottom of this page and search ‘3D shape nets’. Then choose which one you like the best to make. If you don’t have any card to stick them to, use a cereal box or something similar. Have fun. 😁


These are the 3D shapes we found in our house.

Resources from twinkl.co.uk


Thursday 26th March

Let’s Cook 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Usually we are all so busy with so much to do. Now we have been forced to stay at home, so let’s take advantage of it by teaching our children some life skills and spending time together. Lyla helped me cook tea the other day. We made a lasagna. As we cooked Lyla noticed the meat was changing colour. We talked about why this was happening as well as learning safety and hygiene skills of preparing food. Lyla loved cooking her own tea and although meal times can be a challenge at our house at times, there was no complaints that night. Lyla completely cleared her plate as she was so proud of herself for making a meal for her family. Getting children involved with the cooking can teach them a lot and they are also more likely to want to eat it. Try it yourself and let me know how it goes by posting on Tapestry. Remember children should be always under close supervision in the kitchen. 👍🏻 


Wednesday 25th March

Phonics outside

Since it’s such a lovely day, why not take your phonics outside. We used chalk to write the phonemes that Lyla was struggling with on the wall. She then had to chose a phoneme and say it before trying to kick the ball at it. It’s not easy but a lot of fun. We then changed it to just running and hitting it with her hands. 

Look how our beanstalks are getting on!

Before we had to close school the children that came in planted their own beanstalks. Unfortunately we had to leave them at school. But don’t worry I am asking the teachers that go in to care for them for us and guess what! They have started to grow! 😆 Mrs Ramsden very kindly took some photos of them for us.  Can you see what is happening? Send us a video on Tapestry of you talking about what you think is happening to the beans? What do we need to asked Mrs Ramsden to do to care for them? Can you remember what a seed needs to grow? 



Tuesday 24th March

Number Hunt

Today we went on a number hunt. We used the gingerbread numbers that Reception were all given for homework a few weeks ago. I hid them round the house and Lyla loved hunting around to find them. She had to say the number names when she found them, and then put them in order. Lyla loved doing this activity and wanted to do it again and again. It was so easy but a great way to practice recognising numbers up to 20. You could also do hunts with other things you are learning such as colours, shapes or letters. 


Monday 23rd March

Let’s bake!

Today my girls and I had a go at the biscuit recipe that was included in your home learning pack (I’ve taken a photo of the recipe if you can’t find it). It’s super simple and fun to do and the children can learn a lot too. We counted the spoonfuls we used, we talked about halving the spoonfuls so each child did a fair amount, we talked about safety in the kitchen, the consistency of the icing and how we knew it was ready to use, the different shapes of the cutters, and the different colours of the icing and decorations. Children can get a lot out of baking so have a go yourself. Log onto Tapestry to see videos of us making the biscuits and add photos and videos of you doing it too.  I can’t wait to see your biscuits. 🍪 

Top tip

There is no temperature on the recipe. I set the oven at 180 but it started to burn so I would say try 160 – 170. 


Tapestry Teacher Uploads

The teachers have been busy uploading videos on Tapestry with ideas of things to do at home. Mrs Eagleton has uploaded a story time video, Mrs Brown has added some ideas for keeping physical at home, and I have uploaded a video to support with reading with your child at home. Log onto Tapestry to see all the exciting things we are putting on for you. Add your own videos so we can see what you have been doing to. If you are not on Tapestry, call the school office and leave your email address for Mrs Eagleton. She will then email you the link of how to get on.


Activity Packs

Home activity packs were handed out to the children at school. If your child was not at school at this point and did not receive their pack, please ring school to organise getting it. In your pack there are lots of activities you can be doing whilst at home, including a diary and note books to practice your writing in. This is Jack’s diary that he has been working on. Amazing work Jack. 🌟

When practicing your writing try and include words using the Phase 3 phonemes (sounds) we are learning, and the tricky words. The phonemes and tricky words are below along with some examples of sentences you could write.

Sentence examples;

I can see a sheep. We go to bed at night. Will you put the light on for me. You can go to the park with me. They are standing at the road. You are all going to the zoo.

Write as many sentences as you can think of in your notebook. Why not make up your own story and write them in your book too.

Below are some links to the tricky word songs on YouTube that the children enjoy singing along to. They will help them to remember what the tricky words look like and how to spell them.

There are many YouTube clips that are useful for children’s learning, so feel free to look for songs and rhymes about numbers and letters that your children enjoy and let us know what they are.

Please always prewatch clips on youtube to screen they are appropriate first.

Remember to take photos and videos of whatever you are doing and put it on Tapestry so we can see what you are up to.

Spelling Shed

Keep going to Spelling Shed too (click here to go to Spelling Shed). There is a new assignment up which is all the tricky words we have learnt so far.

Online Games

At the following website there are some free online phonics games you can use whilst at home (click here to go to the website). Usually you have to pay for most of the games but the website have very kindly opened it up free of charge to parents to help with home schooling. To access all the games enter these details;

Username- march20

Password- home

We have been learning Phase 2 and Phase 3 so your child should be able to try any of the games in these sections.


You should all still have a reading book at home. You will have probably already read it however as we are unable to give you a new book at this point it is important to keep reading at home. Try and do a little reading everyday. Continue reading the book you have even if they have already read it. Your child will continue to learn the words as they are rereading the book. They will become more confident and improve the skill of sign reading (reading without having to sound out each word). Also talk to your child about the book. What is happening in the story and why? Ask them lots of questions about the book to help with their understanding. This can be done with any book you read to them too. When you read to your child encourage them to read the words they might know. For example short words like cat, mum, in, at. Or the tricky words on the list above. This will ensure they keep practicing their reading skills whilst not at school.


For something a bit different to read, here is a link (click here) to some comics that your child can try reading. Have a go at reading any of the phase 2 or phase 3 comics.

Here’s a photo that has been emailed in of one of our class members showing how he is continuing to read at home. Well done. 🌟


If your child speaks English as a second language it is important they don’t forget the English they have learnt. Continue to encourage them to speak in English when you can.  A good time to do this is when you are talking about a story as explained above.

Other resources

Twinkl (click here to go to the site) is a resource website that teachers often use. It has games, printable resources and worksheets that children might enjoying using. Teachers usually have to pay for this, but Twinkl have very kindly opened the site up to parents to help with home schooling. Go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer , subscribe by entering your email address and creating a password on the left hand side, and enter the offer code- PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

Once logged on click on the EYFS section for the Reception resources. If you are wanting reading and writing resources, search phase 2 or phase 3 phonics.

I hope this helps to keep you all busy whilst we are apart. I will keep posting on here with any new ideas of activities.

Stay safe and keep smiling 😊

Mrs Dawson 👩🏼‍🏫

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