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Special Events

  • Parent and Toddlers

    Every Tuesday 9am to 11am

  • 5VP Eshton Grange Residential

    Weds 18th to Frid 20th July 2018

    A 3 day, 2 night, residential trip to the Eshton Grange, Play Away Centre at Gargrave.  We are very fortunate to have secured a booking as it is extremely popular with school groups.

    Eshton Grange is a leading residential activity centre that provides a secure and controlled residential accommodation, alongside excellent facilities including a fully equipped sports hall and extensive play areas.

    Residential courses organised by the school are an invaluable part of the National Curriculum.  Pupils benefit hugely from the experience, both educationally and socially and I feel certain that the programme which we have chosen this year will prove to be both enjoyable and very worthwhile.

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