6 Horse Chestnut

A message to our Year 6’s…we have loved watching you grow and mature over your time here at St Columba’s and will miss each and every one of you! Have a lovely summer holiday with your families and make sure you show your high schools in September what talented, amazing, brave and resilient young adults you all are!! Goodbye our friends! ☺️☺️
Good afternoon Year 6, we hope you have enjoyed your final week at St Columba’s!! Here is your last Merit Assembly 😊😊
Year 6 you have been amazing and we are so proud of you all! We wish each and every one of you the very best of luck for high school and beyond! Goodbye our friends xx
Monday 13th July 
Good morning Year 6. We hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday! Here is your last Monday morning worship assembly….please do watch it 😊😊
Friday 10th July
Happy Friday Year 6! Here is this weeks Merit Assembly! Have a great weekend 😊😊
Tuesday 7th July 
Good morning everyone.I have a new challenge for you! Leeds Diocese Primary Schools have created another competition on TTRockstars called “Rocking all over the Diocese”. All you need to do is answer as many questions as possible. Let’s see if we can do better than last time 👍
Good luck and keep rocking!!!
Ms McCauley
Monday 6th July
Good morning Year 6. Please find below the Monday Worship Assembly 🙂 🙂
Friday 3rd July

Click below to see your crazy teachers trying some of the Health Week Challenges 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Health Week Promotional Video


Good afternoon everyone, here is the link for this morning’s merit assembly.


Great news 6 Horse Chestnut! Next week is Health Week! I will be putting up the Health Week Challenges on our Google classroom page on Monday. You will have no English or Maths tasks next week, you will just be completing the challenges. It is going to be so much fun! See the flyer below for more information.


Monday 29th June

Friday 26th June

Merit 26th June

Have a great weekend! 🙂 🙂

Monday 22nd June

Good afternoon everyone, I have a new challenge for you! Leeds Diocese Primary Schools have created another competition on TTRockstars called “Clash of the Catholics”. All you need to do is answer as many questions as possible. Let’s see if we can do better that last time.👍

Good luck and keep rocking!!!

Ms McCauley

Good morning Y6, here’s today’s worship assembly.

Wednesday 17th June 

Good morning everyone

I have a challenge for you! Leeds Diocese Primary Schools have created a competition on TTRockstars called “Top of the Rocks”. All you need to do is answer as many questions as possible on TTRockstars and hopefully we can be ‘Top of the Rocks’.

Good luck and keep rocking!!!

Ms McCauley


Monday 15th June- Worship Assembly

Friday 12th June Merit Assembly

Well done if you were chosen for star of the week!


Thursday 11th June

Hi Year 6!! What has happened to the weather??? It was lovely and sunny last week and now it’s just wet and windy! Hopefully it will get better next week!

It was wonderful to see some of you in class this week 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks to Adrian for sending in his homework this morning!!


Wednesday 10th June

A massive happy 11th birthday to Ashton!! I hope you have an amazing day 🙂 🙂


Tuesday 9th June

Hi everyone!! I am so excited about seeing some of you today…but also a little nervous!! I guess that’s ok though right?

Thank you to Adrian for sending in two lots of homework today…it’s nice to see you are still hard at work 🙂 🙂



Monday 8th June


Thanks to Adrian for sending in his homework!!


Friday 5th June Merit Assembly

Fri 5th June

Wishing a massive happy 11th birthday to Kevin 🙂 🙂 Hope you have a fantabulous day!! 🙂 🙂


Thurs 4th June

Hi everyone, I am looking forward to seeing some of you next week!!! 🙂 🙂

Thanks again to Adrian for sending in photos of his homework!

Don’t forget to keep sending in your photos from all of your time at St Columba’s plus a video sharing your favourite memory of your time here please.


Tues 2nd June

Hi everyone, another lovely sunny day to enjoy…after your online learning of course! 🙂

Thanks to Adrian for sending in his homework again…well done Adrian!


Good morning everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely, sunny week with your families last week…I loved the sunshine and spending time with my girls 🙂

Your work has been uploaded to Google Classrooms as always and answers will be available at 2pm each day. Please, please keep sending in the pictures and videos for the transition task as we’ve only had a few in so far!

Thank you to Adrian for sending his homework this morning from the 22nd May.

Take care everyone and hope to see you all soon xx

Monday 1st June- Worship Assembly

Merit Assemblies

Merit Assembly 1 Friday 1st May

Merit Assembly 2 Friday 8th May

Merit Assembly 3 Friday 15th May

Merit Assembly 4 Friday 22nd May

Wednesday 20th May

Hi Horse Chestnut,

We have a very exciting art competition which you can enter as part of the Catholic Schools Partnership. If you feel the need to communicate through art then this is definitely for you!

‘Every child is an artist’

Pablo Picasso

Weds 20th May

Morning all, I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and staying safe! Thank you to Adrian for sending his work in today!


Tues 19th May

Hi everyone, I hope you are all ok! I am currently in work and missing you all! Thank you to Bartek, Adrian and Oscar for sending in photos of your amazing work today…keep up the good work boys!





Congratulations to all the children who made the enormous efforts by entering their favourite story and recreating it in a box! Everyone who took part is a winner-it was just too difficult to choose. A prize will be with you this week so keep a look out.

Click here to find out about this competition where you could win book tokens!!

Click here to find out about this competition where you can have your work published!


Hi everyone, hope you are all well and thank you to Sammy and Adrian for sending in their Maths work!




Monday 18th May- Morning Worship

Fri 15th May

Hi everyone and happy Friday! Thank to Olivier, Oscar and Adrian for sending me pictures of their homework today!





Thurs 14th May

Good morning all and thank you to Adrian for sending in his Maths work!


Weds 13th May

Hi everyone, just posting some more of your fabulous work on here! Thanks to Oscar and Adrian for sending in their work!



Message from Mrs Kay –

Hi Children
Hope you’re all keeping well. I can see you’ve all been REALLY busy. The homework pages look absolutely brilliant. You really are an amazing bunch of children.
Year 6 your VE day work is marvelous. I love the photos sent by Josh and Jack in Sycamore class and Kacper and Marley in Hawthorn, your work on The Rainforest is amazing, especially Kacper’s drawing. The writing, maths and sewing activities in Rowan class are always so good.
I always enjoy having a sneaky peak at everything you do, before I post my activities.  Your teachers must be so proud of you. Well Done KS2!
I’ve been creating again and would love it SO much if more of you would take on the slipper challenge. Who can create a pair of recycled slippers from a hand towel, a cardboard box and a pop bottle?
Take care all of you and hopefully we’ll all be together soon.
Mrs Kay…With very unkempt hair.


Work received from Noor about VE Day. Well done Noor, these look great! I love your Winston Churchill drawing! 🙂



Hello again,

One of our parents has nominated our school to win £5000 worth of Book tokens for our school library. All you have to do is ask the adults in your house to click on the link and fill in the nominate section. Get them to tell other members of your family and friends so we have a bigger chance of winning!


Thank you. Love Mrs Page and Mrs Donnelly xxx

Tues 12th May

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and managing to navigate your way around Google Classrooms! It’s new to me too but I will try to help you with any problems you may have. It has been very nice to communicate with some of you on there and receive your work so thank you. All I ask, is that you try your best with it! Please keep sending your photos in of you doing the work to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk and I will keep uploading them here.

Stay safe and happy, Mrs Page xx

p.s. today would have been the reading paper and you would have all nailed it….just saying!


Thank you to Danny for sending in his Maths work!



Maciej has been hard at work and has sent photos of his work in. Well done Maciej! 🙂

Monday 11th May – Bartek and Nathan have sent messages and photos of their work.

Below is Nathan’s homework for last week. We are now about to enter the Google Classroom. Nathan Link, 6 Horse Chestnut

As always Nathan, thank you for your hard work…see you on the dark side (google classroom) 😉


Mrs Page hello. Bartek did the World War 2 VE Day homework. Thank you, see you soon.

Thank you Bartek…although you do not look very happy 🙁 Be proud as your work looks fantastic! Keep up with the amazing handwriting!



A message for all you wonderful Year 6 children!!

Message from Holly – Good Afternoon, please find attached Holly’s work from this week. I struggled a little with Maths as it was different to how I’ve been taught. Hope you are all well.

Wow Holly!! This work is amazing!! I love the medal you have designed and I’m sure Captain Tom himself would love to receive one just like it!! Your reports on the NHS and Winston Churchill are also very good! Well done for all your hard work this week! 🙂

Stay safe and have a lovely, sunny Bank Holiday weekend, Mrs Page xx


Message from Brandon – My NHS non chronological report. Stay safe and I miss you all.

Well done Brandon! I did not know that the first person to be treated was only 13! I am missing everyone too but it is so nice when I get to speak to you or see you like I did with you on Tuesday and it is important that we are all staying safe! 🙂


Message from Charlie – Morning Mrs Page, Charlie has completed his non-chronological report on the NHS. Charlie found it very interesting as he learnt more facts. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sun. Charlie Baker 6 Horse Chestnut.

Well done Charlie!!! I love your presentation…you have been keeping up with your lovely handwriting! I love the sub-heading for your first paragraph…they certainly are heroes!! I have gained lots of knowledge from your report and I’m glad you enjoyed learning more about them too! It is quite shocking to know how much an ambulance trip costs the NHS!!

I hope that you enjoy your sunny weekend with your family too! xx

Thurs 7th May 

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well!! I am missing you all like crazy but I know that you are all staying safe at home as I am! Please don’t forget to send in your completed writing task on the NHS to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Monday 11th May. I am really looking forward to reading your amazing writing again! Don’t forget to send me at least 1 picture of you completing your work at home too!

Message from Nathan – Good afternoon, Nathan has been constructing his book In a box in the garden today, ( his 15 minute in the garden ).  Below are his pictures:- Keep Safe everyone, Nathan Link, 6 Horse Chestnut

Wow Nathan! Your book in a box looks amazing and you certainly looked like you were having fun in the sun!!!

You have until the 15th May to send in your completed ‘Book in a Box’ so I can select a winner who will receive a special prize!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend with your families 6 Horse Chestnut and make sure to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE day tomorrow. Stay safe! Lots of love, Mrs Page xx

Weds 6th May

Good morning guys! I hope you are enjoying the lovely sunshine whilst staying safe at home! I hope you are all preparing to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on Friday! In school, we have been decorating bunting for a tea party on Thursday.

Update on Gilberta – Gilberta is going through a ‘shed’ again but she is doing fine 🙂 Here she is eating her food last night.

I have received a message from Charlie today –

Morning Mrs Page, Charlie has been very busy with his maths and the VE Day task. Charlie chose to do the task with the flags. Hope everyone is safe and well, enjoy the sunshine. Charlie Baker 6 Horse Chestnut.

Wow Charlie! Your flags look amazing…well done for using a ruler 😉 ! Keep up the good work!

Don’t forget to send your writing task into admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Monday 11th May and hopefully yours will be chosen for a special display!

Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine, lots of love, Mrs Page xx

Tues 5th May

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing ok! I am missing you all so much! Don’t forget to send this weeks writing task to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Monday 11th May! I am looking forward to seeing your wonderful reports on our fabulous

I was at school today and I had a visitor at the gate! Brandon it was so lovely to see you and your family (and your red hair) whilst you were on your daily walk! Thank you for sending in an updated version of your ‘Book in a Box’. It looks great!

Stay safe everyone! Mrs Page xx

Brandon has sent in an image of his ‘Book in a Box’! Well done Brandon…you did that quick! Can you send some close up photos please so I can have a guess at which book it is 😉


Thank you to Adrian for sending in his homework too! You have been busy writing your story and it is nice to see you smiling 🙂


Thank you for sending in your homework Nathan…you have been really busy! Your story looks amazing but don’t forget to make your paragraphs clear 🙂

Message from Nathan – Hi, Nathan has been really busy this week, he has written his story called The Cave, we printed the math sheets out and he completed one a day, he completed the Friday Challenge with his dad, he also completed the spellings, we couldn’t get No 4. Thank you from Nathan Link, 6 Horse Chestnut.

Oops my mistake Nathan, number 4 is an eight letter word not nine!! Can you get it now?

WC 24/4/20 Homework from Nathan Link


Monday 4th May

Happy Star Wars day everyone…may the fourth be with you!! I hope you are all well after a lovely weekend! Please find below this weeks writing task, spelling challenge, maths information for this week and a special reading competition! There is also an activity sheet for you to try VE Day activities at home to celebrate VE Day this Friday 8th May.

Writing Task
For this weeks writing task I would like you to create a Non-chronological report (Information page) on the NHS. Given that they are working so hard at the moment, I think now is the perfect time for you to find out as much as you can and preset the information to me. The best pieces will be selected for a special display in school.
Steps to Success
You have until Monday 11th May to complete this task! Let us celebrate the heroes on the front line and create some amazing reports!
Spelling Challenge
VE Day Activity Sheet

Stay safe everyone! Love Mrs Page xx



Email your entries to: admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 15th May.

Remember-you’ve got to be in it to win it!


















Hi Y6, I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to go for this week’s home learning.

Here’s the Maths for W/C 4th May

The website is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ 

Fri 1st May

Pinch, punch it’s the first of the month! Hello everyone and happy first of May!! I hope the weather brightens up so you can all enjoy a lovely, sunny weekend!

Thank you so much to Holly for sending in her homework this week…you certainly have been busy and those buns look delicious!! I love your adventure story about the emerald snake too! Well done! I hope when you were doing the Family Maths Challenge that you were teaching your dad Maths again 🙂

Have an amazing weekend everyone! Lots of love, Mrs Page xx


Message from Charlie – Afternoon Mrs Page, Charlie has finished his story today and is now finishing all his maths. Hope you have a great weekend. Charlie Baker 6 Horse Chestnut

Well done Charlie, I love how your story starts! It definitely makes me want to read on 🙂 Thank you for sending your work in and I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

Thurs 30th April

Good morning everyone! How are we at the end of April already? The weather seems to be brighter than it was yesterday so fingers crossed it stays that way so you can all enjoy your gardens or daily walk.

Don’t forget this weeks work needs to be sent to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 1st May 😃

Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.


Stay safe everyone, sending lots of love, Mrs Page xx 🙂

Weds 29th April 

Well done boys! Your work looks amazing! Charlie, I am staying safe and I hope you are too but yes I would like the weather to get back to being sunny 🙂


Charlie has sent some of his work in – Afternoon Mrs Page, Charlie would like to say thank you for his certificate he received through the post today. Charlie has completed his maths work this week and has started his story. Hope your having a good day even if the weather is not so good.
Stay safe
Charlie Baker 6 Horse Chestnut


Nathan has sent his instructions and his Olympic Games research in –

How to play Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Have you ever wanted to play one of the worlds most known card games?  Well if you do this text will tell you how to play and all about the traps and spells you may use on your family and friends.

You will need:-

A deck of 40-60 Yu-Gi-Oh cards ( Fusian monsters (purple trimmed cards) in the extra deck goes to one side )
5 Dice (depends on your cards )
10 Tokens ( again depending on your cards )
A Coin

How to play

Play a game of Heads or Tails, whoever wins chooses to go first or second.
You both draw 4 cards and then the duel starts
You both have 4000lp Life points when either hits zero they loose
You can summon monsters once per turn, these monsters have 2 stats, attack and defence
There are many pros and cons to both of these stats, in defence mode your card is face down and if your  opponent attack is lower than your defence it  is destroyed but if your defence is lower than his attack  it gets destroyed and you don’t lose Life points.

There are also higher level monsters which you have to tribute other monsters to summon.  Levels are shown at the top of a monster card, if it is level 4 or below you don’t have to tribute it to summon it but for 5-6 Star Monsters you have to tribute 1 monster for 7-8 it’s 2 sacrifices and for 9 and above it’s 3 sacrifices.

Spell and traps are dangerous, they can bend the game rules by changing how many monsters you can summon, in each turn from 1-2 or even 3

You can stop other monsters with these effects

Remember monster spells and traps combined will not really ensure victory, always remember to know your monsters effects.


Ancient Greece:- The Olympics

The Greeks loved sport and the Olympic Games were the biggest sporting event in the ancient calendar.  The games began over 2700 years ago in Olympia ( Olympia is a small town in Eils on the peloponnese Peninsula in Greece )
Every 4 years the games begin and over 50,000 people all throughout Greece came wo watch or take part.  The ancient games also were a religious festival held in honour of Zeus the King of the Gods.

There were originally 8 events for the Olympic Games, which were:-

Discus – A game of throwing a stone, later Iron, Lead or Bronze Disc
The Long Jump – where they had to jump as far as possible
Javelin – The sport of Javelin is where the Athletes throw a long wooden Sphere furthest
Equestrian – This was a Chariot race
Pankration – this was a cross between wrestling and Boxing where they can not bite or gauge at their eyes
Wrestling and Boxing were also an event
Running –  where the contestants wore ealdess armour and carry a shield while running around the Stadium several times.

Thank You, Nathan Link, 6 Horse Chestnut


Hi all, me again! Please could you take some time to visit the web page at BBC Ten Pieces. It’s a great resource where children and adults can get creative with classical/contemporary music. It is full of videos and other resources. You can access it here.

Tuesday 28th April 

Good morning Horse Chestnut, I hope you are all doing ok

Don’t forget it is Lesson 2 on Maths today, click here to access it online.

😃Message from Mrs Kay😃

Hi All.
I’ve been sewing again. I’ve sent instructions on how to recycle some old jeans and create a trendy new bag. I do hope someone will have a go. Take care out there and hopefully we’ll all be back quite soon.
Mrs Kay xxx
Recycled denim bag (Click here)

Message from Holly – Holly has completed, two of the tasks from White Rose mathmatics, also teaching her Dad along the way.

We have also included our attempt at salt dough , making memories from lock down.
She has progressed along the from workbooks with good results and has completed the guided reading exercises.
Wow Holly! Your salt dough instructions and creations look amazing! I might try it with Frankie as I think she will enjoy that! I hope you dad enjoyed his mathmatics lesson from you and I am so happy you are getting on with all your work! Well done Holly!
p.s. I love your curly hair!
Monday 27th April

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well after having lovely sunshine this weekend! For English this week, I have a writing task where you need to write a story based on a picture and also a Spelling challenge...how many words will you guess and spell correctly?
Writing Task 

Steps to Success


Have fun with your writing and use the WAGOLL, Steps to Success and planning sheet to help you. Remember to send your completed spelling challenge and Writing task to me at admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 1st May!
Have a great day everyone, sending lots of love and creative vibes...Mrs Page xx

Here’s the Maths for W/C 27th April

The website is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/


During these difficult times we find ourselves in the Jubilee Centre for Virtues have created some excellent fun activities for our children to enjoy and think about how we can help ourselves and others. I have uploaded each activity which are linked to the following virtues:







The Friendship activity is linked to Christmas however all you need to do is link it to what is happening to us all now during the pandemic. You could create a thank you card for all the key workers, your family. The list is endless.

Please email any activities to our admin email.


Thank you!

You can also access them and print them off by clicking on the link below.



Friday 24th April

Morning Mrs Page, today I have completed my research for topic and I found it very interesting. I have also completed my maths for today so now I’m going to my daily P.E . Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine . Charlie Baker 6 Horse Chestnut

Thank you for sending that message and photos Charlie, I am enjoying the sunshine thank you and I hope you are too after all the hard work you have been doing!

Nice to see Brandon hard at work completing his daily Maths challenges!

Thursday 23rd April

Morning everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely sunshine we are having. I hope you are all working hard at writing your instructions…I have only had 2 sent to me so remember, you need to send them to me by Friday 24th April to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk.

Charlie has sent his in with this message – Hi Mrs Page, here are my instructions for my science experiment I did at home last week . I have started the maths you sent online and I have completed all the 10 minutes tests. Charlie Baker 6 Horse Chestnut.

Well done for completing all the 10 minute tests Charlie and your instructions look amazing! I like the diagrams you have drawn for each stage.

Click here are details of an art competition you might be interested in for Alistair Brownlee. If you don’t know who he is, perhaps you could google him and find out more.

Speak to you all soon, Mrs Page xx

Topic Task

Your topic task for this week is to research the Olympic Games. You need to find out when they first started, why were they started, what games were first played along with any other information you can find out. This task will help you to complete the following task next week.

Have fun learning!!


Following on from yesterday, the information for Maths is as follows

It is an expectation that the class teacher receives 1 picture a week from each child doing their work.
White Rose Maths Hub is a company that school uses to plan and teach Maths lessons in school and they have produced some home learning and daily plans. They should take no longer than 40 minutes per day- below is the link to the website and some screen shots to help you. Please click on the age group appropriate for your children. Each lesson has 3 parts- a teaching video, a downloadable and printable activity and the answers. If you can download and print, you can work on the sheet. If not, it’s fine to do it on paper.

The website is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

The overview of this week is –

Lesson 1 –

Tuesday 21st April

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well!

Brandon has sent his instructions in and they look great! The ‘Oobleck’ looks interesting Brandon…do you have any pictures of the process or the end result?

Mrs Kay sent a lovely message for you – Just had a look at your page on the school website and I have to do a huge shout out to your children. “WHAT WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHS! YOU’RE ALL AMAZING AND IT’S OBVIOUS HOW HARD YOU’RE ALL WORKING!” I love that cake Natalie Balos and Charlie Baker the science looks amazing.

Mrs Kay has also shared some resources for making your own owl. You can find them here –

These instructions look great!! I hope your own instruction writing is coming along nicely!

Take care, Mrs Page xx


Monday 20th April

During this time of learning at home, we will be posting weekly Maths, English and Topic tasks on our pages. It is an expectation that the class teacher receives 1 picture a week from each child doing their work.
White Rose Maths Hub is a company that school uses to plan and teach Maths lessons in school and they have produced some home learning and daily plans. They should take no longer than 40 minutes per day- below is the link to the website and some screen shots to help you. Please click on the age group appropriate for your children. Each lesson has 3 parts- a teaching video, a downloadable and printable activity and the answers. If you can download and print, you can work on the sheet. If not, it’s fine to do it on paper.

The website is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

This week’s Maths is as follows:
Lesson 1 – Vertically opposite angles
Lesson 2 – Angles in a triangle
Lesson 3 – Angles in a triangle – special cases
Lesson 4 – Angles in a triangle – missing angles


Monday 20th April 

Good morning everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely, sunny weekend with your families!

I have a fun writing task for you to complete and everyone will be able to take part!

I would like you to write a set of instructions for something you have played, made or even baked. You could write instructions for any of the Science experiments you have done too.

I have included a WAGOLL and Steps to Success to help you with your writing.

The WAGOLL is one that I have used before as the girls and I love making pancakes and my favourite toppings are strawberries and whipped cream!

You have until Friday 24th April to complete your instructions and then send them and the photos to – admin@stcolumbas.sch.uk

I am looking forward to reading and following your instructions!

Lots of sunny love, Mrs Page xxx

Steps to Success


Thursday 16th April

Hi everyone, I hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather and staying safe at home this Easter. I received a message from Charlie yesterday afternoon, who says –

Morning Mrs Page, after completing his home work, Charlie has been doing his science experiments again. Today he used a balloon, vinegar and bicarbonate soda to make a chemical reaction to blow up the balloon. Hope you’re having a nice day. Charlie Baker

Wow Charlie! That looks great! Did you make a prediction before you started? What did you predict?

I am missing everyone immensely and I love receiving your messages and photos, it really does brighten up my days! Keep sending them to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk.

For now, stay safe everyone and enjoy the sunshine with your families. Love Mrs Page xx

Wednesday 15th April

Hi everyone, it was so lovely to speak to you all yesterday and those of you I didn’t speak to, it was nice to speak to your parents to find out how you were doing. I am really missing all of you but I know that you will be getting on with your packs and staying safe at home.

I have received another lovely message from Natalie Balos who says –

Hello miss, for Easter I coloured some hard boiled eggs to make a display in my home. We made a cake and put some icing on top. Also me and my mum went on a walk today because it is really sunny. Unfortunately there was loads of people there so we turned back home. The fresh air did us some good.

Have a good day.

From Natalie😊

Absolutely wonderful to see you being creative Natalie and then out for a walk with your mum!

Stay safe everyone, Mrs Page xx


Good Friday update – A lovely message received from Natalie Balos.

Hello miss,

How are you? I’ve really been bored in lock down so I did some colouring as well as work and have been going on my daily exercise with my mum (we only go around the neighborhood though). Every time I do work my cat comes on the table😂 I think she’d love to help. Have a good day from Natalie Balos


Friday 10th April

Today is Good Friday and a day where we reflect on the death of Jesus Christ and what this means to us. Please take time to reflect on the message of the 13th Station with your family.

Charlie sent us his artistic interpretation of the 13th station where the body of Jesus is taken down from the cross.

Have a lovely Easter everyone and stay safe with your families, Mrs Page xx

Thursday 9th April

Hi everyone. I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely sunny weather whilst still staying safe! Charlie has sent me a message along with a Science experiment he has done.

Morning Mrs Page, Charlie has done a science experiment today using oil, water , food colouring and baking tablets . It’s resulted in the colour bubbles separating causing them to rise like a lava lamp. Charlie Baker 6 Horse Chestnut

This looks amazing Charlie, well done!

It is important for us to remember this special time in our Catholic Calendar as today is Maundy Thursday and it is the day that Jesus celebrated in the Last Supper with his disciples before being betrayed by one of them. Here is a special prayer we can share together to remember this time.

My Most Precious Lord Jesus, this night you gathered with your Apostles to share with them your last meal.  But this was no ordinary meal.  This was the gift of Your most Sacred Body and Blood, soon to be broken and poured out on the Cross for the salvation of the world.

Allow me, dear Lord, to spend this night in prayer and meditation with you.  After the meal, you invited Your Apostles to join you for one hour, to stay awake and keep vigil as you prepared for your arrest.  The Apostles fell asleep, leaving you in your bitter agony alone.

I accept your gentle invitation of love, dear Lord, to spend this night in vigil with you.  May I enter your heart as it faced the coming persecution you were to endure for my sins.  May I console Your Sacred Heart and know the love and Mercy that flowed forth.

Lord, when I face the crosses of my own life, give me your divine courage and strength to say “Yes” to the Will of the Father.  Your love for me is abundant and is perfect in every way.  Help me to know that love, to embrace it and to allow it into my life.

I make my vigil with you this night, dear Lord.  I love you, help me to love you with all my heart.  Jesus, I trust in you.


Stay safe everyone, and enjoy the rest of your day, lots of love, Mrs Page xx


A nice way to think about ‘Spreading the Love’ even from the comfort of your own home. Could you try some of the activities?


Charlie has sent in his egg-cellent portrayal of our station- The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross’. Well done Charlie, I can see you have put a lot of effort into this and looks amazing! Keep them coming in guys!

Tuesday 7th April

Hi everyone, I hope you are all still staying safe at home on this beautiful sunny day! I haven’t yet received any artwork for our station of the cross so please get drawing and send them to me at admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk. Remember, our station is 13 ‘The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross.’ Along with that, here is another competition you might be interested in entering for the Mini Vinnies.

I have received a lovely message from Charlie this morning who says, “Morning Mrs Page, hope you are well and keeping up to Joe Wicks! Charlie is working hard everyday on his homework and Joe Wicks . Charlie would like to hi to all his class mates and of course Mrs Page. Keep safe , stay home! Charlie Baker 6 Horse Chestnut.

Thank you Charlie, I am well and glad to hear that you are too! I am still doing the Joe Wicks workout but I must confess, I didn’t do the fancy dress on Friday (oops). Charlie hasn’t been feeling well but I’m happy to report that he is feeling much better today! He has also sent his scores in from his 10 minute tests! Well done Charlie, keep up the excellent work.

I really miss you guys and can’t wait to see all your faces again soon. Take care and stay safe, Mrs Page xx

Friday 3rd April

Easter Egg Competition

A massive well done to everyone who took part in the Year 5 and 6 Easter Egg competition.  All of the entries were egg-cellent.  After much discussion by a panel of rap experts (your teachers) decided that Alexandra’s fantastic Easter Rap was the winner.


Nice to see that Nathan is enjoying his work today! Keep smiling Nathan…I miss our in depth chats about religion!


Thursday 2nd April

Hi everyone, nice to hear from some of you today. Natalie Balos has been hard at work again, Ryan has enjoyed a fire (at a safe distance) and Pig Heart Boy and Holly has planned and written her story! Well done guys! Holly, I am doing well (thank you for asking) and I hope you are too…I too am hoping for better weather for more outdoor fun!


As well as doing your Science activity, I would like to request that you do some artwork for our station of the cross. Our Station is ‘The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross’ (Station 13) so your artwork should show that and then I can share your fabulous creations on our page here and also on the RE page. Please could you do these and send a picture of it to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Thursday 9th April ready for our station on Good Friday.

Stay safe and happy Thursday everyone, Mrs Page xx


Good morning Year 6, Mr Doidge and Mrs Page would like you to try out some practical science. Below are two websites for you to access lots of different experiments. We’d like you to choose one and try it. Please take photos of what you’ve done so we can put them on our class page. It would be great if you could also add some description to go with your pictures.


https://www.fabscience.co.uk/EXPERIMENTS/                                    https://www.science-sparks.com/

Wednesday 1st April

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and safe. I must admit, I didn’t even know what day it was when I woke up today!! I really miss you guys and I hope that you are enjoying working on your home learning packs.

Brandon and Nathan are enjoying doing some work today but they are both missing school and their friends (hopefully me too!). Keep up the good work boys.

What are your plans for today? School work? Garden fun? Send me a message to let me know how you all are to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk

Here is your Maths challenge for today to keep your brain active.

Much love

Mrs Page xx


Oh Year 6, you lucky people. Look at the activities you can access on www.kidadl.com. If you run out of school work to do, there’s lots of activities for you to do on here.

This looks amazing Year 6 and ties in to our Science work! Straight after we get our hearts pumping with Joe Wicks! I will be logging on to see it and I hope you will join me! Mrs Page x


Image may contain: 8 people, possible text that says 'MedicalMavericks Big Assembly TOMRROW 9: 9:40am Join Tom to see his heart and blood vessels using an ultrasound machine! Straight after Joe Wicks! Live on Facebook! www.facebook.com/medicalmavercks www. IMEDICAL MAVERICKS'


Monday 30th March

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all ok and still staying safe! I am really missing all of your cheery faces and I can’t wait to see you all again (whenever that may be)! We celebrated Frankie’s 9th birthday this weekend and welcomed 4 new chicks into the world. Gilberta is still going through the shedding phase but she is still managing to pose for photos! I hope you have all had a great  weekend too.

I hope you are all practising your Easter Rap ready to send in…I can’t wait to see them!

Here is your daily Maths challenge to keep your brain active. Remember to keep sending me photos and messages to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk.

Stay safe and smiling 6 Horse Chestnut, lots of love Mrs Page xx


Message from Holly – Hi Mrs Page, Holly is working extremely hard and I have attached a copy of her score sheet for the end of set A for Maths. She as done a lot of PE during her time off and I attach a photo for you. We hope you are keeping well.

Wow Holly well done on your scores and I love the PE photo on the trampoline! I am very well thank you and I hope you are too.


Friday 27th March

Hi everyone, I hope you are all cracking on with your Easter rap video for our competition. I can’t wait to see them all! Thank you to Brandon for sending in a picture of you doing a 10 minute spelling activity this morning. Keep up the good work!

I have been enjoying reading our book, Pig Heart Boy but when I went to pick it up this morning, Frankie was reading it and she is very reluctant to hand it back!! I hope you are all enjoying reading the book too but shhh don’t tell me how it ends!


Here is our daily Maths challenge to keep our brains active and a lovely message I came across that I thought I would share with you all.


Missing you all massively!

Mrs Page xx


Please send in your video entries by Wednesday 1st April, as the Year 5 and 6 teachers will be judging them before announcing the lucky winner on Friday 3rd April. The winner’s egg will be delivered on Friday 3rd April- good luck!!

Here is Nathan completing another 10 minute test buster…well done Nathan, keep up the good work!


A nice idea from the Mini Vinnie Society for you to create your own prayer x

Thank you for your lovely message and photos Natalie. I am missing you all too but it’s great to see you doing your work and getting your exercise safely on the trampoline! I hope you are all staying safe too x

Hi Mrs Page,

It’s me Natalie (Balos)

I just wanted to say I really miss the colourful classroom and all my friends (including you😂) I’ve been doing the 10 minute tests and the vocabulary ninja. Sometimes I’ve even been doing them outside because of the nice weather like yesterday. Also, I hope you are safe from the corona virus. From Natalie x Stay safe😊

Brandon’s been busy working on his story “There’s a wizard in my potting shed.” He has been talking about how he can set the scene in words to make it come alive to the reader.


Thursday 26th March

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all staying safe indoors (or out in your garden in the lovely sunshine). The girls and I have been busy doing the Joe Wicks (click here) workout everyday (see photo below) and keeping up with our school work. I know you will all be doing the same.

Thank you to Nathan for the picture of him doing the 10 minute maths tests and then I believe he was going to do some art in the form of fence painting!

Thank you to Brandon who sends a message to the rest of Year 6 – I just want to say good luck to the rest of year 6 and to keep working hard!! Brandon also says that he misses everyone and thank you for the learning pack. You are very welcome Brandon, it is important to keep up with our work even though we are at home.

As you know, reading is the key to everything, so I am pleased to share that audible are sharing free audio books and you can listen to 100’s of free books (I can’t contain my excitement at this!) Click here to start listening for free.

Gilberta is still shedding but I think she is nearly at the end….the girls and I keep spritzing her so she can get it off easily!

Take care guys and keep those photos/messages coming in.

Mrs Page x

p.s. Try these Maths challenges to keep your busy minds active



Brandon has been busy doing lots of 10 minute tests this morning and is now tackling the Maths challenge before he goes outside to do a bit of forest school in the back garden (building a safe camp fire and roasting marshmallows)!! Sounds amazing Brandon and well done for doing the Maths challenge…stay safe outdoors!

Thank you Charlie for your pictures this morning and your thumbs up to the Maths challenge. It’s good to see you hard at work and staying safe indoors.


Tuesday 24th March

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all staying safe tucked up at home! The girls and I have just completed the Joe Wicks workout and let me tell you, it is great for waking you up ready for your day! If you want to try it, he is doing them live everyday (click here).

Here are some challenges for you to have a go at in Maths. These will be great for consolidating the learning we have just done on metric measures and our earlier work on fractions.

Please keep getting in touch by sending messages and pictures to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk. I love seeing your faces and your enthusiasm for completing the home learning packs!

Stay safe

Mrs Page x


Thank you for your lovely message Lacyleigh and glad to see you are working as hard at home as you do at school…keep up the excellent work!


Monday 23rd March

Good morning everyone! It is very strange not to be in school with you all on this lovely, sunny day but I am sure you are all hard at work! When doing your home learning, remember to take breaks and keep drinking fluids to keep you hydrated…you can even pop into your garden to enjoy the sunshine for 10 minutes (remember not to go out of the garden though).

Gilberta is shedding (again!) so I don’t think she is enjoying the social distancing and I think she misses the noise of the classroom but don’t worry, my girls are trying their best to look after her and keep up with the noise.

Please feel free to drop me an email with messages or pictures of what you are up to (admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk) as I miss seeing your cheery faces!

Take care and keep washing those hands

Mrs Page x


Is that Pig Heart Boy I spy?? Charlie working hard at home…I hope you are enjoying the book as much as I am!


Friday 20th March

Hi 6 Horse Chestnut,

I just wanted to say how incredibly proud I am of each and every one of you and how far you have come this year and even though there will be none of those pesky tests this year (shhh don’t say the name!), I am confident that you would have given them your all as you have with everything else you do.  I feel so blessed having had the opportunity to be your teacher this year.

I know you will all be working hard on the learning packs but here are some online RE resources for you to access at home to cover what we would have been learning in school (click here).

If you would like to keep me updated with what you are doing at home, please send pictures or information to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk stating which class you are from and they will be passed on to me. I will be updating the page weekly (minimum) so I hope you will keep checking back to get updates from me.

Take care

Mrs Page x

p.s. Gilberta says hi too!


In the event of a closure Year 6 will be sent home with a learning pack.  Details of content and expectations are below.

Maths SAT Buster 10 minute test booklet and a personalised Maths booklet based on your child’s areas for development (as identified in our last assessment),

A piece of writing to complete which will be based on previous learning so it is accessible for your child (this will include Steps to Success, word bank and some ideas) KS2 Writing Checklist so your child can see what they need to include in their writing,

Reading SAT Buster booklet,

Our class book, Pig Heart Boy and some questions based around this,

Spellings – Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 for children to practise at home,

You will also receive ‘Topic’ homework which will be based on your child’s upcoming topic in the Summer term,

A workbook for all work to be completed in and a pencil.

As your child is in Year 6, we know how important their learning at this stage is and as such have set out some expectations for this homework.

Maths SAT Buster 10 minute tests – 1 of each to be completed per day,

Reading SAT Buster – 2 texts per week,

Writing – to be completed during the period we are off,

Pig Heart Boy – children to read 15 minutes per day and answer the questions.

It is also expected that children login and complete 3 sessions of Spelling Shed (click here) and Times Table Rock Stars (click here) per week as they would if they were in school.


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