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Merit Assemblies

Merit Assembly 1 Friday 1st May

Merit Assembly 2 Friday 8th May

Merit Assembly 3 Friday 15th May

Merit Assembly 4 Friday 22nd May

Wednesday 20th May

Hi Sycamore,

We have a very exciting art competition which you can enter as part of the Catholic Schools Partnership. If you feel the need to communicate through art then this is definitely for you!

‘Every child is an artist’

Pablo Picasso

Tuesday 19th May

Hello everyone!

Here we have some work from Joshua, Luke and Patrick.

I’m really missing you all and hope to see you soon xxx

Joshua has worked super hard!

Luke has achieved GOLD in an online karate competition-fantastic!

Patrick’s work today.

Congratulations to all the children who made the enormous efforts by entering their favourite story and recreating it in a box! Everyone who took part is a winner-it was just too difficult to choose. A prize will be with you this week so keep a look out.

Click here to find out about this competition where you could win book tokens!!

Click here to find out about this competition where you can have your work published!


Monday 18th May- Morning Worship

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Sycamore,

I hope you are all well. It’s been really lovely to be able to have contact with some of you on Google Classroom and of course you being able to have contact with one another.

Remember the deadline for the BOOK IN A BOX COMPETITION is tomorrow and don’t forget the nominations for our school to win £5000 worth of book tokens!

Today, Oliwia and Luke have been busy bees…

Can you guess Luke’s book in a box?

Rainforest work…


Comprehension and spellings!

Oliwia’s rainforest canopy…

Marvellous maths…

Hello again Sycamore,

One of our parents has nominated our school to win £5000 worth of Book tokens for our school library. All you have to do is ask the adults in your house to click on the link and fill in the nominate section. Get them to tell other members of your family and friends so we have a bigger chance of winning!


Thank you. Love Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Page xxx

A message from Mrs Kay,

Hi Children
Hope you’re all keeping well. I can see you’ve all been REALLY busy. The homework pages look absolutely brilliant. You really are an amazing bunch of children.
Year 6 your VE day work is marvellous. I love the photos sent by Josh and Jack in Sycamore class and Kacper and Marley in Hawthorn, your work on The Rainforest is amazing, especially Kacper’s drawing. The writing, maths and sewing activities in Rowan class are always so good.
I always enjoy having a sneaky peak at everything you do, before I post my activities.  Your teachers must be so proud of you. Well Done KS2!
I’ve been creating again and would love it SO much if more of you would take on the slipper challenge. Who can create a pair of recycled slippers from a hand towel, a cardboard box and a pop bottle?
Take care all of you and hopefully we’ll all be together soon.
Mrs Kay…With very unkempt hair.
Click on the link below to follow the instructions!
How To Make Recycled Slippers


Good Morning Sycamore,

I hope you are trying to get your heads around Google Classrooms. It’s new to the teachers as well as you so there may be a few teething problems to begin with. Be patient and just try your very best. You can still send photos to the admin email address which will be uploaded on here. If you don’t have access to a computer then email admin and we can post out learning packs to you.

Love Mrs Donnelly x

Ben has been busy with the Rainforest…

Patrick has been busy completing Spelling Shed and Reading Comprehension…

Joshua and his brother Jack celebrating V.E. Day!

Joshua and Jack taking 2 minutes silence to remember those who fought for our freedom.

Creative fun!


Hello Sycamore,

Thanks to all you amazing home learners! Let’s have a look at what they have been doing…

Luke’s amazing Rain forest work!

Great to see you enjoying a good book, Oliwia!

Patrick’s Topic and NHS work.

Great topic work, Patryk!

Great baking and eating chocolate cake, Ben. Well done for Star of the week!

Thank you Maya!

Hi Wojciech-great work!


Monday 11th May


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the bank holiday weekend in the beautiful sunshine. This past week the teachers in Year 5 have been working very hard to put together our new Google Classrooms and it is finally ready! Your parents will have received a letter with details on how to access your online learning.

You can access your work in classroom and complete the work as you have already been doing. Photos of your home learning will still be posted on the school website.

Please continue to send your photographs to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy Google Classrooms! x


Friday 8th May 

Don’t forget this weeks work needs to be sent to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 8th  May 😃

Good morning  Sycamore. Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths ( Summer term week 1 )

Thursday 7th May 

Don’t forget this weeks work needs to be sent to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 8th  May 😃

Good morning  Sycamore. Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths ( Summer term week 1 )

Wednesday 6th May

Don’t forget this weeks work needs to be sent to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 8th  May 😃

Good morning Sycamore.  Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths ( Summer term week 1 )



Tuesday 5th May

Good morning Sycamore.  Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths ( Summer term week 1 )






Monday 4th May

Good morning Sycamore,

Your topic work this week is focused on the levels of the rainforest. There are 4 different levels of the rainforest and they are all distinct and have different features. I would like you to research the levels and find out what the main levels are called, their features and what animals live in each one.

See if you can find which level your animal from last week lives in! With this research, present it in a poster, have a go at drawing the animals and the levels of the rainforest. Be creative! You have until Friday 8th May to do this task. Email pictures of your poster to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk

Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths ( Summer term week 1 )

Monday 4th May




Email your entries to: admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 15th May.

Remember-you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Monday 4th May

Good Morning Sycamore,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and tried to keep yourselves active.

This week, your writing task is to write a fact file about the history of the . Therefore, I would like you to use the links below to find out as much relevant information about it. As a result of producing your fact file, the best ones will be chosen as part of a special  display in school. So, what are you waiting for? Discover what the  is and why it is so important for all of us especially during this time.

DEADLINE: Monday 11th May.

Top tips:

  • High levels of presentation
  • excellent cursive handwriting
  • spellings-check with an online dictionary
  • punctuation
  • read aloud for cohesion-does it flow?
  • Use the power of the purple pen before publishing for school display entry!

Please read the WAGOLL as an example of how to write a fact file. I have written one about the coronavirus so it compliments your fact file about the . Click on the link to read the rest of the WAGOLL. This is just a taster!


Use the Steps to success.

Steps to success FACT FILE

All about the NHS powerpoint



This week’s spelling task.


Reading Task

As we are approaching the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, I would like you to read the VE Day text and answer the questions.

Click through the pages below!

Choose the text with 1,2, or 3 stars! The answers are included so please don’t look until completion!





Wojciech wants to say a big hello to all his friends-he misses you all very much!

Patryk’s Egyptian Mystery story. Excellent effort👍😎

Destin’s home learning. Keep up the good work👍😎


Hi Luke,

Thanks for your email and photos. I’m glad you are having fun with your mum and dad but I know you will be missing all your friends. Hopefully, we will be back before you know it!





See you soon!



Friday 1st May

Don’t forget this weeks work needs to be sent to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 1st May 😃

Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths ( week 2) 

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your photos.

I’m glad to see you are getting out in the woods on your bike.

It’s great that you are working towards your Cub’s badge which is something that is active and creative and fun.


Don’t feel too sad. It is really hard at the moment. Be kind to yourself and try and aim to do 20 minutes of school work. If you feel frustrated then it’s probably best for some fresh air and exercise. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Stay strong and just continue being you! xx

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your amazing fact file about a poison dart frog!

Hi Patryk,

Thanks for your photos. It looks like you are working really hard!

Thursday 30th April 

Good morning Sycamore

Don’t forget this weeks work needs to be sent to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 1st May 😃

Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths ( week 2) 


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Sycamore, I think the sunshine has decided to stay away today. Hopefully, it will be back soon. 😃

Don’t forget this weeks work needs to be sent to admin@stcolumbas.sch.uk by Friday 1st May If there is anything else you would like to send we would love to see what other things you have been doing. 😃

Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths ( week 2) 

The Innovation Centre in Bradford have produced a series of videos #techawaychallenge aimed at Primary School children. Click on the video below which will talk you through how to create a postcard to send to a loved one using some digital tools you may have used before. Give it a try and let me know if you manage to complete the challenge!


BBC Ten Pieces

Get arty. Get creative.

Please could you take some time to visit the web page at BBC Ten Pieces. It’s a great resource where children and adults can get creative with classical/contemporary music. It is full of videos and other resources. You can access it here.

Today I have received Patrick’s story writing task. I really enjoyed reading about the explorers and how they became rich and famous! Excellent work Patrick!

Great to see Patrick getting some fresh air out and about with his sister. Keep safe!

More Incredible Instructions! (Scroll down the page to see the rest of them).

How to make chocolate chip cookies by Jessica.


Excellent cooking skills Jessica! They look simply delightful! Excellent work x

Tuesday 28th April 

Good morning Sycamore.

At the end of your topic work last week I asked you to list 5 animals that you think would live in the rainforest. You need to choose one of the animals, or find another animal (maybe an animal that you don’t know). Research the animal to find out key facts about its diet, habitat (which level of the rainforest does it live on? Does it swing through the trees or crawl on the floor?), appearance and any interesting facts. Have a look at this fact file example, which is based on my favourite animal, the Sloth 🙂

Fact file example

Complete the plan and then write it up neatly.  I am really interested to see what animals you choose and the key facts you find out. Send a picture of your work to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk .

Animal Fact File Plan

Missing you all. Stay safe.

😃Message from Mrs Kay😃

Hi All.
I’ve been sewing again. I’ve sent instructions on how to recycle some old jeans and create a trendy new bag. I do hope someone will have a go. Take care out there and hopefully we’ll all be back quite soon.
Mrs Kay xxx
Recycled denim bag (Click here)


Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths ( Week 2) 

Rainforest and Maths Homework by Ben.

A message from Ben.
 I hope you are well. how was your Easter ?
I want to go back to school.
Do you know when are we coming back ?
Every day is the same. My mom  has been working out with me everyday pe with Joe. Then I do everything you ask us to do.
I do reading eggs as well, I like it.
Thanks for your message Ben.
I had a good Easter thank you but it wasn’t the same without getting together with my family. I miss being able to see my dad and sisters but we do Facetime one another.
I know how hard it is for you all at home. I bet you are desperately missing your friends at school. You are amazing and doing really well-stay strong and keep active with your mum and Joe Wicks.
Unfortunately, non of us know when we can return to school at the moment. Hopefully sooner then we think.
Stay strong, keep active and continue to keep your brain active too.
Love Mrs Donnelly x

Click on Ben’s link below to see his fantastic powerpoint. Great work, Ben👍😎

rainforest project beny5


Hi Sycamore,

Grammar Question of the Day!


Hope you’re all keeping busy and staying safe. Here is your Maths activity for this week.

Click on the link below to access your daily Maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths ( week 2)



Monday 27th April

Good Morning Sycamore,

I hope you had a lovely weekend with your families and remembering to stay safe.

Here is your Writing Task for this week. Please complete and email me your work by Friday 2nd May.

This week, I would like you to use your wonderful writing skills and write a story using the plan as your inspiration!

Remember to use the Steps to success and the WAGOLL to guide you through your writing. Don’t forget that handwriting is super important as well as using the correct spellings. Re-read aloud to check that your writing is coherent-it must flow!

Also once finished, edit your work.

Enjoy and unleash your inner creativity.

I look forward to receiving your work.

Love Mrs Donnelly

UKS2 Story Writing Task


Steps to success Narrative


Every week, you will receive a weekly spelling challenge! Please complete and email back to me. Thanks.

Spelling Challenge

Monday 27th April

Click on the link below to access some sing a long sessions!

Virtual singing sessions – every day at 2pm with the Diocese’s brilliant singers!
Join in with energising vocal warm-ups, uplifting songs, fantastic musical activities and LOTS of fun, led by the Diocese’s expert vocal teachers. Monday to Fridays at 2pm, with weekly KS1 and KS2 sessions too.
Subscribe to our youtube channel at


During these difficult times we find ourselves in, the Jubilee Centre for Virtues have created some excellent fun activities for our children to enjoy and think about how we can help ourselves and others. I have uploaded each activity which are linked to the following virtues:




Courage and Bravery

Compassion, kindness and gratitude


The Friendship activity is linked to Christmas however all you need to do is link it to what is happening to us all now during the pandemic. You could create a thank you card for all the key workers, your family. The list is endless.

Please email any activities to our admin email.


Thank you!

You can also access them and print them off by clicking on the link below.


Sunny Saturday 25th April

Incredible Instructions!

Thank you to everyone who have sent me your incredible instructions! I am really impressed with all the different choices you have made in selecting which instructions to write. Enjoy reading on another’s and try them out for yourself! Remember, if you have not sent me them then don’t worry. Just email them at the usual admin address.

Stay safe you cool cats!

How to make cookies by Joshua.

Wow! Those cookies look good enough to eat, Joshua…I hope you and Jack enjoyed devouring them! Well done.

How to make Easter butter cookies by Wojciech.

Wojciech, they look amazing! I hope you and your sister enjoyed eating them. Thanks very much for sharing your instructions. Well done!


How to make a marvellous rainbow cake by Evie.

Thank you Evie! I wonder what it looks like….yummy I bet!



How to make Naan breads by Alicja.








Looks delicious! Thanks Alicja x

How to cycle safely by Luke.

Essential instructions, Luke and the photos really help to ensure safety procedures are followed at all times. Well done!

How to make a pizza by Patryk.


Brilliant Patryk! Pizza is my favourite. Big thumbs up back to you and your sister for mouth watering delights.

Well done!

How to make play -doh by Miya F.


What a great idea Miya! Making play-doh equals hours of messy fun! Well done! X

How to make vegan dates chocolate mousse by Ben.


They look incredibly delicious, Ben. I agree the best part is eating them as you demonstrate in your photos! Well done!






Thanks to Ilya, Miya, Luke and Alicja for sharing their Maths, English and Topic.






Friday 24th April

Here is a grammar question to have a go at!

Good morning Sycamore, looks like today is going to be another lovely sunny day. I am in school today so I am going to try and ring some of the children I didn’t get chance to ring before.

😃Don’t forget today is the deadline for your completed instructions😃

Click on the link below to access your daily maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths (WEEK 1)

Thursday 23rd April 

Good morning Sycamore, hopefully today is as beautiful as yesterday. I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and keeping safe.

😃Don’t forget the deadline for your completed instructions😃

All instructions need to be sent to  admin@stcolumbas.sch.uk by Friday 24th April. If there is anything else you would like to send we would love to see what other things you have been doing. 😃

Click on the link below to access your daily maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths (WEEK 1)



Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning Sycamore,I hope you have been doing lots of work whilst enjoying the sunshine. Remember to keep drinking lots of water, especially when in the sun.

Don’t forget to send your instructions  to admin@stcolumbas.sch.uk by Friday 24th April. If there is anything else you would like to send I would love to see what other things you have been doing. 😃

Click on the link below to access your daily maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths (WEEK 1)


Harley has sent in his English work! He is challenging Miss Crompton to a game of Snakes and Ladders!! Well done.

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Sycamore. I hope you all had a lovely day in the sunshine yesterday. I am looking forward to receiving all your instructions. Remember they need to be sent to admin@stcolumbas.sch.uk by Friday 24th April.

You also have some topic work to do based on our next topic Rainforests. This also needs to be sent to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Friday 24th April.

Questions to ask about our topic, see if you can research the answers? 

What is a rainforest?

What is the biggest rainforest in the world? Which country is it in?

Why are they called rainforests?

Have a go at using Google Maps or Google Earth to find out where rainforests are located in the world. You will notice a pattern. The worksheet attached contains a map of the world with the 3 lines on it. Name the lines and shade in where the rainforests are located. Challenge yourself and label some of the rainforests on the map.

Map of the World WS

Finish your topic work off by answering this: List 5 animals that you think would live in the rainforest?

Mrs Donnelly


Click on the link below to access your daily maths activity.

Home learning year 5 White Rose Maths    (WEEK 1)

Mrs Donnelly

Monday 20th April

During this time of learning at home, we will be posting weekly Maths, English and Topic tasks on our pages. It is an expectation that the class teacher receives 1 picture a week from each child doing their work.

White Rose Maths Hub is a company that school uses to plan and teach Maths lessons in school and they have produced some home learning and daily plans. They should take no longer than 40 minutes per day- below is the link to the website and some screen shots to help you. Please click on the age group appropriate for your children. Each lesson has 3 parts- a teaching video, a downloadable and printable activity and the answers. The website is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

Good Morning and a happy Marvellous Monday to you and your families!

Today, I have a fun and exciting writing task for you to do.

I would like you to write a set of instructions for something you have made, played or baked and please include photos of each step and finished product.

Read the WAGOLL and use the steps to success to guide you with your writing.

Me and my son Nick had fun baking a Giant Jaffa Cake which is the WAGOLL.

Please start today and email to: admin@stcolumbas.sch.uk by Friday 24th April.

I am looking forward to reading and following your instructions!

I have also included a maths crossword for you to do-have a go whilst enjoying the sunshine 👍.

Scroll down to see your crossword. As always answers will be revealed tomorrow.

Love Mrs Donnelly xxx

How to make a Giant jaffa cake WAGOLL

Thanks to Joshua who is back Home learning. Good lad!

A lovely message from Mrs Kay to you all and some instructions….

“I’m loving all your fantastic photographs. Joshua the baking looks really good and Luke I can see you’ve worked really hard on that GSP work. I can’t wait to see you all again and I hope it’s not too long. Keep up the hard work all of you.”



Friday 17th April

Good Morning Sycamore. Happy Friday! Hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather and have been playing some games outside!

I have uploaded your final Easter maths questions. See below for the answers for all questions.

Click here for Easter maths answers 

Here is a grammar question for you to complete.

Remember to keep exercising and drinking lots of water. Stay safe.

Reading Eggs have free access until 30th April. It’s great to help with reading fluency, word definition, words in context and comprehension. To register for free access click on the link below.



Thursday 16th April

Good morning Sycamore. I have put some Easter maths problems on for you to have a go at. Remember a little bit of maths everyday will help keep our minds active. Try your best 👍


Also, please keep reading! Allow yourself 20 minutes a day. You can access Big Cat Collins books online for free!


Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!

and click Login.

Can you email me with your very own Book Recommendations? Choose a book which you have loved reading and describe it in 3 words. Take a photo of you and the book with your 3 words to describe it and I will share them on here!

This is a book I read recently by Tom Palmer. In 3 words: inspirational, gripping, historical.

Click on the link to read an extract.



You can also look on our school website for ideas. Go to: Curriculum-Book of the Week

Can’t wait!




Wednesday 15th April

Hello Sycamore, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather during this isolation period but remember to load up with sun cream, wear a sun hat, sunglasses and not to stay out too long in the sun. Keep SUN SAFE!

Here is Guided Reading for you to have a go at.


Once completed, scroll down to the bottom of the page and open the Reading Answers.


Destin and Evie enjoyed their birthdays. Let’s wish them a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Thanks to all the emails from Oliwia who is being creative with her little sister, exercising her brain with Maths and competing against her friends on Spelling Shed! Well done Oliwia. I hope you and your family are keeping safe xx

Thanks to Evie who has enjoyed celebrating her 1oth Birthday with her family and is working her way through her homework folder. Well done! Hope you and your family are keeping safe xx

Tuesday 14th April

Good Morning Sycamore, hope you all had a great Easter with your families.

Some of you may have used Purple Mash before they are offering free access to all children but  you will need to get your parents to sign you up.There are lots of  activities for you to have a go at.

To sign up click the link below.

Purple Mash (Click here)

Friday 10th April

Good Morning Sycamore.

Today is Good Friday. We remember Jesus at this time. Here is the 14th Station. Please take time with your family today to read and reflect.

Thank you to Wojciech and Luke for their thoughtful interpretations of Jesus laid in the tomb.

Thursday 9th April

Arithmetic Answers

Good Morning Sycamore, hope your trying to keep up with doing the Joe Wicks workouts and are doing lots of exercise.

I have attached the rest of the arithmetic questions for you to finish. I will post the answers this afternoon. I would love to see what your mark was, email me at admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk . Lets see if we have improved from last half term!


Keep safe and drink lots of water.

Wednesday 8th April

Guided Reading 8 Year 5

Here is an example of our Station of the Cross:

Jesus is laid in the tomb.

Have a go at designing your own and email them to me by Thursday 9th April.

Thanks kids!

Good morning Sycamore. I have put some Easter maths problems on for you to have a go at. Remember a little bit of maths everyday will help keep our minds active.

Mrs Donnelly

Tuesday 7th April

Happy Tuesday Sycamore! I hope you are all well and are working really hard.

It seems such a long time since we wrote a story. See below for a story starter that you can use to inspire you to write a fantastic story. I would love to read your stories😃  admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk

Haunted Cellar -Story starter

I have put on the first half of an Arithmetic test for you to do today. I will put the other half on tomorrow for you to complete. Try and have a go at all the questions.


You also have Grammar question of the day as well.

The weather is lovely today. Make sure you take some time to go out in your gardens and enjoy the sunny weather!

Take care and keep hydrated.


Monday 6th April

Grammar Question of the Day!


There is also a Minnie Vinnie Easter Competition. Please, please, please take part and send photos to admin.


Friday 3rd April

Here is a little maths task for you to have a go at. If you are not sure what some of the vocabulary mean , look them up on the Internet. Have a lovely weekend and keep safe x

Helllllooooooooo! Thanks to Joshua, Luke, Ben and Patrick for sharing their home learning. (Joshua- take a photo of the question that you were stuck on and email it to admin. Thanks!)

Great British Bake Off with Joshua. Well done for working hard. Rest and enjoy the weekend. Stay safe xx

Luke is keeping fit and has designed his own planet called ‘CALEFACTION’ meaning ‘process of heat.’ Great Science work!

Luke has also completed GPS and Guided Reading. Fab! Rest and have a great weekend and stay safe xx

Patrick is still working hard on his Maths! Well done. Rest and enjoy the weekend. Stay safe xx

Ben is working hard as well. Keep it up! Rest and have a lovely weekend. Stay safe xx

Easter Egg Competition

A massive well done to everyone who took part in the Year 5 and 6 Easter Egg competition.  All of the entries were egg-cellent.  After much discussion by a panel of rap experts (your teachers) decided that Alexandra’s fantastic Easter Rap was the winner.

Thursday 2nd April

Here is your Guided Reading for yesterday, today and Friday.

Guided Reading 5,6,7 Year 5

KS2 Treasure Chest Hidden Figures Wk 1

It is Holy Week next week and 5 Sycamore’s Station of the Cross is Station number 14- Jesus is laid in the tomb. I would like you to create a piece of Art Work and send a picture of it to @stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk by Thursday 9th April ready for our station on Good Friday.

I will be updating our web page next week with images and reflections linked to our Class Station and I will be able to display your fantastic artwork! It would be lovely if everyone could send me a reflection or an image.

Thank you!

More fantastic work from Patrick. Super presentation! Good boy.

Good morning Sycamore 😃

I hope you are all ready for a Science challenge.

Remember when we all went to the Media Museum and had an amazing workshop that explained to us about all the different planets in the Solar System. Well, I would like you to have a go at designing your own planet. See below for a template you can use to help you create and design your planet. After you have completed the template, have a go at drawing your planet. Once completed in your book, take a photo and send me your completed work by email to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk  so we can have a look.


Planet template

Can you remember why Earth is sometimes called the Goldilocks planet?

Mrs Donnelly

Grammar Question of the Day

Another hardworking photo has just arrived from Ben. Very proud of you all for working so hard and keeping in touch xx

Thanks to Joshua, Ben and Patrick for sharing their hard work!

Patrick’s paragraph planner. The finished piece! Amazing work Patrick!!

Joshua has researched the ‘Save Our Planet’ task using his tablet. Joshua has written up his research. Thumbs up!!

Ben is hard at it solving the Problem of the Day. Fantastic!

Wednesday 1st April

Happy April Sycamore!

Remember to send your video in for the Easter Egg competition by Wednesday 1st April. We can’t wait to see your eggcelent entries! Get cracking!! admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk

Here are  your maths questions for the day. A bit of maths everyday will help keep your mind active.

Click below for the answers

Answers 11-15

Grammar Question of the Day!

Reading for Pleasure

Here are two links to books for you to read at your leisure.

You will need to get your parents to register with them both for free. It’s quick and simple to do.





Happy Birthday to Alicja whose birthday was on the 29th!

A message from Nicole.

Hey , its Nicole here and I’m really missing you a lot and I’m excited to go back and learn as a class again. Sometimes I call Jessica and talk about school work and help each other throughout the phone I hope you are safe. Its been a tough year so far but I hope your working through it. Everyday I go onto the website and I do the school work which given but otherwise I always think about me being in class with everyone else having fun like we used to do. I hope your all healthy and staying together , washing your hands whenever you need to I hope we can go back to school as soon as possible.



Joshua is ready to learn!Adam completes his homework daily! Thanks Adam. I hope you and your family are well x

Patrick is on it!

Ben is doing Maths, Guided Reading, Sport and building dens with his sister Natalia! (Hi Natalia, I hope you are well x).

Is this a campfire to go with your den, Ben?

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Happy Tuesday Sycamore,

Have a go at the next Guided Reading Task 5.

Guided Reading 4 Year 5

Here are your maths questions for the day. A bit of maths everyday will help keep your mind active.

Please click the link below for the answers to today and yesterday’s  arithmetic questions.

Answers 1-10

Stay safe all xxx


Just had this email form Wojciech and his sister. Look like you are both trying hard to have a healthy balance of work and exercise!!

Hope you are all okay in your family xxx


Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Sycamore,

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Hopefully you have started your morning with Joe’s work out.

I am adding your third Guided Reading Task which will require you to re-read Hidden Figures.

We are going to focus on the Reading Dog Domain of Retrieval with Rex.

The specific skill today is to ‘skim and scan.’

Look for key words in the question and read rapidly to find the answers which ARE IN THE TEXT. Do not use what you already know or what you think the answer is because it IS there in the text!


Guided Reading 3 Year 5

Todays grammar question!

Here is your daily maths activity. Today, I would like you to have a go at these arithmetic questions. Remember to check your work to make sure you have not made any silly mistakes.  I have also put the answers to Friday’s question  below.

(Click on the link below to see the answers from Friday’s  problems)

Day 4 answers

Answers tomorrow!!


Hello Patrick and Smiley Saturday to you!!

I am pleased to know that you are even schooling on a weekend-dedication and great presentation!!

Enjoy the rest of your day xx


Saturday 28th March 2020

Happy Saturday to everyone! I am just soooo excited to share what these children in Sycamore have been up to. Thank you so much for keeping in touch! Missing you all xx

Ben is keeping our wildlife happy through feeding their tummies-Big thumbs up back to you Ben!

Now he is busy working out with Joe and Mr L’s toilet rollball challenge!!

Now Ben is fully energised in body and mind, he is cracking on with some home learning.

Thank you Ben. I hope you and your family are safe and well. xxx

Now. What has Joshua and his brother Jack been up to? Only the GLOWING SUPERLAB!! (plus Joe’s daily workout-love your PJ’s)!!

Mini Scientists in the making!! Great work, you too!

I hope you and your family and safe and well. Love to all xx

Hello Braden and Kaelen! Here is Braden’s prayer. The O’Neill brothers have been exercising with Tai Chi and learning sign language and through this have a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR US ALL.

Braden and Kaelen

Hi Alicja, Thank you for keeping in touch. You are making me smile.

Your video of baking sweet bread was amazing-you are a natural presenter! Could you send us the method as I think we would all like to try baking these delicious breads. Big thumbs up to you too!

Alicja the TV Presenter

Hope you and your family are well xx

Luke has been in touch. Check out his GIANT PENCIL!

Luke says he and his mum have been working hard on the Guided Reading Task by researching what the abbreviations for NASA and NACA are. Great team work and I’m glad you are doing this task. I can see you are practising your reading skills and hope you are enjoying the Hidden Figures story.

Stay safe and love to all xx

Hi Patrick, Thanks for keeping in touch and showing us all how disciplined you are by completing your work at home.

I hope you and your family are staying safe and keeping each other company.

Love to you all xxx



Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you are safe and well and still washing your hands as well as social distancing.

How eggciting that we have the Easter competition. Please take part. You are all eggcellent and cracking!!

After your eggercise with Joe Wicks please complete your next Guided Reading task.

Guided Reading Task 2

Hidden Figures PPT

I will add the answers to both tasks next week.

There is also an R.E. task for writing your own prayer during these difficult time.

R.E. Prayer task


Here are your maths questions for the day. A bit of maths everyday will help keep your mind active.

(Click on the link below to see the answers from yesterday’s problems)

Day 3 answers


Please keep me smiling by keeping in touch.

Love Mrs Donnelly xx


Please send in your video entries by Wednesday 1st April, as the Year 5 and 6 teachers will be judging them before announcing the lucky winner on Friday 3rd April. The winner’s egg will be delivered on Friday 3rd April- good luck!!

Dear Destin, Alicja, Joshua and Wojciech,

Thank you for getting in touch. It’s lovely to find out what you are getting up to. My family are all safe thank you and I pray that your families are too. Keep up your roaring courage and determination. Missing you all x

This is Wojciech who is hard at work!

This is Alicja’s work!

These are some questions she wanted to ask about the Rain forest picture:

What is the white smoke?

Where is the picture took?

How is the weather usually there?

What time of year is it there?

Joshua’s Work!

Destin is fabulously focused!


Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning 5 Sycamore,

I hope you are all well and social distancing yourselves.

After Joe Wicks’ Workout (to get you energised in body and mind) please start your Guided Reading Task. There are a few new Reading Dogs but don’t worry about them for now. You will find out all in good time.

Click here for Guided Reading Year 5

If you like listening to books, audible are sharing free audio books and you can listen to 100’s of free books.

Click here to listen for free

Enjoy xx

Here is your grammar question of the day!

Here is your maths problem for the day.A bit of maths everyday will help keep your mind active.

(Click on the link below to see the answers from yesterday’s problems)

Day 2 Answers




Good Evening everyone,

Attached is a list of your TT Rockstar log in details in case you can’t find them. Keep rocking!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to download them.

Also a big shout out for Patrick P who has sent an email detailing all his hard work over this week. Thank you Patrick-great to see you are being really positive and diving into your studies!


Thank you Patrick. Keep up the hard work and keep safe xxx


What beautiful weather we have today! It reminds me that our next topic is Rainforests, which has a focus on weather and climate. How could you describe the weather today? Have a look at the picture below. Note down any questions you have about the picture.

Have a go at some rainforest games (click here) related to what life is like in the rainforest, what products come from the rainforest and exploring the rainforest through a virtual treehouse!

Don’t forget to keep drinking water, moving lots and doing your work!

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning 5 Sycamore, hope you are all ok and keeping safe. Remember to try and stay positive before you know it we will be all back together. I would really love to know what you have all being doing. If you can, email me with an update at admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk.

I have another maths challenge for you all to try today. Remember it is important to give them your best shot and be resilient if you can’t do it straight away. The orange activities are a good starting point and if you feel confident try the blue ones. I will post the answers later on in the week.

(Click on the link below to see the answers from yesterday’s problems)

Day 1 Answers

Mrs Donnelly


Tuesday 24th March (Evening)

Hi Alicja.

Thanks for keeping in touch!

Well done for working hard-I will let you know the answers to the GPS question.

This is what Alicja’s answer is:

I think the sentence that shows the punctuation of parentheses is the second one and the last one.

Sincerely Alicja .X

Does anyone want to: Add, Build or Challenge?

Thank you also for working really hard. I am really missing teaching all of you too! I have a tear in my eye xxx

Hi Mrs Donnelly

I hope you and your family are all well. I have done some of my homework.So I am sending you pictures of some of my done homework . I hope we all stay healthy and we will see you again soon.I also miss you and your lessons  very much.

Sincerly Alicja Wiatr X.

Amazing work, Alicja xx

Stay safe x

Hi Joshua and Jack from Year 1,

Great to hear from you both and I am glad you are keeping your bodies and minds fit! It’s hard not being in school but as long as we all stay positive like you, we can get through this difficult time.

Both Joshua and Jack want to pass on a very important and special message- STAY SAFE EVERYONE AND THANK YOU FOR KEEPING IN TOUCH VIA THE WEBSITE.

Brotherly love, helping one another x

Thank you to the Lee Brothers x

Hi Ben!


Thank you for your email. it really cheered me up!


You are working hard and getting a good balance of brain and body work outs.


Yes. Billy is just like Victor Vocabulary. Do you have any Vocabulary questions you could ask him?

I’m excited to see your project and glad you are enjoying Joe Wicks. Maybe you could take a photo of you working out with MR.L and the toilet roll.

Keep checking out this page everyday for work.

Stay safe and love to all x




Hi Luke!

Thank you for your email.

You really are hard at work. I am intrigued to see your Rain forest creature-the Lizawobat-part lizard, part bat, part wolf.  I wonder if it can fly? I wonder if it has supersonic hearing and sheds its skin?

What does it make you all wonder, 5 Sycamore?

Keep in touch and let us know. Maybe you could draw a picture of what you imagine it looks like and send them by email for Luke to judge!

You are also busy with Maths and poetry.

Good boy. Keep safe.

Mrs Donnelly x


Hope you’ve had a go at the maths problems. Try and have a go at this grammar question, see if you can remember what parenthesis is!

Take care and stay safe


Just to add some cursive and spelling practice and Bus Stop division if you have access to a printer. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on them.

Do’nt forget Joe Wicks Workout below!


Keep hydrated!

I will be adding more bits. Keep smiling x


Tuesday 24TH March

Good morning 5 Sycamore. I hope you are all feeling energised after your daily workout.

Today, I would like you to have a go at these maths problems. It is important that you try to complete these activities.

The orange activities are a good starting point and if you feel confident try the blue ones. I will post the answers later on in the week.


Take care and be safe

Mrs Donnelly


Monday 23rd March

Hi 5 Sycamore,

Just checking in with you all to see how you’re doing. Unfortunately, Billy can’t be with me today due to social distancing (he is my Dad’s dog). However, it is important to stay positive and keep our bodies and minds healthy. Try this Joe Wicks workout in your front room. He is uploading daily PE. workouts for us all. Please have a go-it will make you feel energised and happy!

Click on the link below:


Please email me! admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk

(I think the email address had an error before but I’ve edited it!)

Take care and get working out!


Mrs Donnelly and Billy xx

Friday 20th March

Hello 5 Sycamore,

I do hope you are all keeping well and washing your hands at regular intervals throughout the day-it’s important to keep those nasty germs at bay!

Of course I know that you will all be working extremely hard and getting on with your Learning Tasks. I know this is a hard time but please feel free to email me pictures, questions, activities that you are doing as I am missing you all very much!

Just use this email address:



This is Billy and he is a Fox Terrier. He is very cute however he is a bit of a handful! What do you think I mean?

Hello. I’m Billy. Pleased to meet you all!

Which Reading Dog do you think I look like? Explain why.

Can you email me some questions linking to the correct Reading Dog you think I look similar to?

I love solving RIDDLES! Have a go at writing some of your own in the style of poetry and email them to me and Mrs Donnelly. We will pick out a winner! Good luck.

Click on the link below:



You can also explore these Learning Websites!

English Games





Maths Games






Keep up with the news on BBC Newsround



I’ll keep checking in with Billy to see how you all are.



Mrs Donnelly and Billy the Fox Terrier xx




Due to closure Year 5 have been sent home with a learning pack.  Details of content and expectations are below.

Maths worksheets based on prior learning of multiplication, division and fractions. Your child needs to complete one section of the sheets provided A,B or C.

A piece of writing to complete which will be based on previous learning so it is accessible for your child (this includes Steps to Success, research sheet, research and a planning tool).

Guided Reading Comprehensions- 2 each week

‘Topic’ homework which is based on your child’s upcoming topic in the Summer term,

A workbook for all work to be completed in and a pencil.

It is also expected that children login and complete 3 sessions of Spelling Shed (click here) and Times Table Rock Stars (click here) per week as they would if they were in school.

Religious Education Resources.

Please click the link below to access free R.E. resources for Easter.


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