2 Willow

Wednesday 1st April

Message from Thomas

Miss Jackson,

             Its thomas i have been busy this morning doing some work from my pack.Im going to do some yoga this afternoon.Today its mums birthday so i will write my diary entry about today when i do my writing in the morning.

Brilliant work Thomas, great to see you working so hard. Happy Birthday to your mum! I am looking forward to reading your diary entry.

Wednesday 1st April

Hi 2 Willow! I hope you are all well and staying safe. I am missing you all a lot! I have put some Maths questions below for you, make sure you write down your working out so I can see how you have worked the answers out! I have also put another English task on for you. Keep up the great work 2 Willow!

Keep safe, keep smiling!

Miss Wolanski 🙂

English task

Can you write down a paragraph to describe Betsy today? Please use adjectives, noun phrases and conjunctions in your sentences. Use your imagination to include adventures she might have been on!


Here is an example sentence for you:

Today Betsy is looking a bit tired because she has been for a long, energetic run with Miss Wolanski.

Wednesday 1st April

Message from Daniel!

Today my mum gave me some tasks with money. All family played Ludo game and we make new rules when we are playing board games. The winner can choose the next game he (she) wants to play the next time. Yesterday I was the winner in Jenga game, so my choice was Ludo. Today dad was the winner and his choice is the Labyrinth. We have fun every day.

Daniel R

Keep the smiles coming 2 Willow!!

Wednesday 1st April

Well done again Alexis- great work!

Alexis is doing her Maths again and going to do some more phonics work.

Wednesday 1st April

Happy April 2 Willow!

I hope you are all keeping safe and drinking lots of water. It’s so lovely to see so many children sending their pictures in.

Last week I introduced you to my dog Alfie. Alfie loved all the work that you did and was so happy that you helped him do those maths calculations. Alfie has a little sister and her name is Bella. Bella is also a Jack Russell and is 8 years old. Bella loves to go on long walks and sleep in her comfy bed! Here is a picture of Bella and Alfie when Bella was a puppy.

Yesterday, Bella decided to write a diary entry about what she did yesterday.

Can you write a diary entry about what you did yesterday? Remember you need to talk about your feelings and what happened during the day. Don’t forget to start with Dear Diary and sign off at the end. Use Bella’s entry from yesterday to help you.

Take care and stay safe.

Miss Jackson


Tuesday 31st March

Message from Thomas, yesterday’s birthday boy!

Good morning Miss Wolanski,

It’s Thomas I have sent some photos of my birthday and my work from this morning. I painted a butterfly for my mini beast and did some Maths. I sent another email of my dance I have done but i was feeling a bit shy to do my own dance so i did my favourite one I like to do. Thank for my Birthday online card. I had a lovely birthday.

Daniel has been doing some good work- great to see you so happy with your pets and your sister!


Alexis has been working hard doing her number this morning, followed with spelling test and phonics flash card work. Well done Alexis!

Well done to Lena for working so hard!! Lovely to see you smiling!

Hello Miss Wolanski.

Today I did some English, Maths, played spelling edshed and started English reading Paper 2. Also I played the game Jenga with my family. Miss you lots.

Daniel R

Monday 30th March

Thomas, it’s your Birthday!! As we are not in school, I have attached an online birthday card!! I hope you’ve had a great day!

Message from Thomas-

Hello Miss Wolanski,

This morning I have done my tt rockstars, spelling shed, the work you put on and my prayer. I am now enjoying my birthday fun. I will send you some pictures tomorrow from my tea party. From Thomas.

What a great prayer Thomas, lovely words- well done.


Well done Alexis! It’s great to see you working so hard on your 5 times tables and reading your Phonics words. Great work- keep it up!!

Monday 30th March

A beautiful prayer written by Daniel-

A great descriptive piece of work Daniel, well done!


Well done to all the children who have sent in their work and pictures so far. I am SO incredibly proud of you all and it really is making me smile each day, seeing your smiling faces. Keep up the great work and keep sending in your amazing work! Well done 2 Willow!

I miss you all.

Keep safe and keep smiling 🙂

Miss Wolanski.


Saturday 28th March

Well done to Emily! Nice to see you working hard and it is lovely to see you having fun outside in your garden! Keep safe, keep smiling! 🙂


Friday 27th March

Message from Daniel-

Good morning Miss Wolanski.

Yesterday evening I was reading a book for my hamster because I try to read all the books from the ‘Book Bingo Challenge’ and only two books left to read. Then I’ll send it to London and I hope I can win a prize for our school. Also this morning I did Yoga with my sister from YouTube you sent us yesterday. It was very fun. Daniel R



Friday 27th March

Here is a list of useful websites that will help you in your learning at home 🙂

PE- Yoga

Friday 27th March

Well done Emily, great work! Lovely to see you working hard and so happy!

Message from Emily!

Good morning Miss Wolański 👩‍💻
Today l have got lots of homework done.
Last few Days when l stayed at home l did lots  of different activities and jobs. I am enjoying the sunny days in garden. Also I look after my 2 dogs .They are big so it is lots of work👍🐾🐕
I send few pictures so you can look.👀
I miss you Miss Wolanski🤗🤗🤗 (and bunny Betty 🐇😊)
I hope to see you soon
All The best from Emily.


Wonderful work Daniel, doing your Maths and Reading Paper- keep it up! Lovely to see your smiling face!

Great work Paul- keep it up! Great to see you smiling and I love the poster for the NHS!

Well done Thomas, good work! I hope you have a lovely birthday on Monday!

Hi Miss Wolanski,

It’s Thomas today I have done some more of the work that Miss Jackson put on. We made a sum from my garden flowers.

It’s my birthday on Monday so I will send you a message about my day after that.

From Thomas.


Well done to Alexis, you have been working really hard with your numbers and writing today!! Well done keep it up!!


Daniel has been working hard again!

Daniel’s messages-

Hello Miss Wolanski. Today and yesterday I did some Maths and English. When I was playing outside today with my sister and Betsy’s friends , we saw some daffodils and found a worm:)) Take care please

Daniel R

Hello Miss Wolanski

I played spelling edshed, did some English, played outside with my sister and helped my mum with gardening. I hope you are well.
Daniel R

Friday 27th March

Good morning 2 Willow! I hope you are all keeping well and safe, I am missing you all so much! I have put some Grammar questions below for you to complete. Don’t forget to email me your completed work to- admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk and you can also email in any pictures of things you have been getting up to!

Speak to you soon, keep safe and keep smiling!

Miss Wolanski 🙂

Please send in your video entries by Thursday 2nd April, as the Key Stage 1 teachers will be judging them before announcing the lucky winner on Friday 3rd April. The winner’s egg will be delivered on Friday 3rd April- good luck!!

Friday 27th March

Could you create your own prayer? Take some quiet time and write your own prayer, using the template below. Remember to email me with your prayers, it would be lovely to see your thoughts and words!


Thursday 26th March

Message from Thomas- What great work Thomas! Keep it up! It’s lovely to see your dog! Alfie will have a new friend!

Miss Jackson,

             This is Thomas yesterday I did 3 pages of maths,my tt rockstars, spelling shed, read an online book and did some exercise with my sister. We also looked in our garden at some flowers. Mum took a picture of the flowers so we could find out some more about them and maybe use them for a sum. Today I have done some of the work you put online for me,spelling shed,tt rockstars and read a book to my mum she said I did very well. We also have a Jack Russell who is 10 years old .

                     Bye for now Thomas.

Wednesday 25th March

Message from Daniel! We miss you too Daniel- keep up the good work!

Hello Miss Wolanski
I was busy with homework the last days. I was reading, played tt rockstars, spelling edshed. Also I did some Maths (finished Arithmetic Revision: Addition, Subtraction,  Division, Multiplication and Fractions) and English. I hope you are ok, take care. I miss you and all my friends.
Daniel R.

Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning 2 Willow!! I hope that you are all okay and are doing your work packs. I can see that some children are doing lots of activities whilst at home! I have been spending lots of time with my dog, Alfie. He is a Jack Russell and is 10 years old, which means he is older than all of you!

Over the past couple of days we have been using our time outside to go on walks around the local area, Alfie has been spotting lots of different animals and creatures on our walks and he wants to add up all of the animals that we saw on each day. Can you help Alfie?

On Sunday, Alfie saw 9 spiders and 12 cats. How many creatures did he see in total?

On Monday, Alfie saw 10 owls and 15 squirrels. How many creatures did he see in total?

On Tuesday, Alfie saw 16 woodlice and 11 fox cubs. How many creatures did he see in total?

On Wednesday, Alfie saw  5 hedgehogs, 3 mice and 4 dragonflies. How many creatures did he see in total?

In total, how many creatures did Alfie see on Sunday and Monday.

In total, how many creatures did Alfie seen on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Can you show this information in a tally chart?

Challenge!- How many creatures did Alfie see across all 4 days?


Miss you all lots, I can’t wait to hear all about what you have been up to!

Take care,

Miss Jackson

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning 2 Willow! Here is a link that has lots of children’s books that you can listen to for free! Let me know which stories you listen to and which characters you liked best and why by emailing- admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk


Maths questions

Wednesday 25th March- Betsy update!!

Betsy has been going for her daily exercise and she’s come across this thing in the picture. She really needs to know what 3D shape it is, can you email in your answers for her?! She would also like to know-

  1. Which other 3D shapes are there? What are their names?
  2. Can you name how many vertices each of them have? (corners)
  3. Can you name how many edges each of them have? (sides)
  4. 4. Can you name how many faces each of them have?


Tuesday 24th March

Well done to Thomas, you have been working so hard today! Your handwriting is looking great Thomas, keep it up! Here is a message from Thomas and pictures of the work he has been doing. 

Hi Miss Wolanski,
This is Thomas I have done the work you sent me I did it yesterday. I have been very busy today I have done some Maths, RE about Easter, tt rockstars, spelling shed and read an online book. Then I played a timetable game mum made with my sister we had fun and just now I have been doing some dance. Thanks for the work you have sent.
Bye for now, Thomas.
Monday 23rd March

I am looking forward to seeing the work and activities from the 2 Willow children- remember to email in your pictures and pieces of work to:


Missing you all lots!! Keep safe and keep smiling!

Miss Wolanski 🙂 

Monday 23rd March

Hello Miss Wolanski.

Yesterday it was Mother’s Day. I made some presents for my mum. Today I did time tables, Betsy story and English reading Paper 1: reading prompt and answer booklet. After my homework I played Monopoly board game with my family and I won :))

My work


Friday 20th March- A prayer for all during this time.

Keep us, good Lord,

under the shadow of your Mercy

in this time of uncertainty.

Sustain and support the anxious and fearful

and lift up all who are brought low,

that we may rejoice in your comfort

knowing that nothing can separate us from your love.

In Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Friday 20th March

First responses from our 2 Willow children to Betsy the Bunny-  she says thank you so much!! Keep the answers coming 2 Willow!

Well done Daniel- Daniel has been working hard today!

Hello Miss Wolanski.

Yesterday I was playing spellingedshed and ttrockstars, I was reading a book. Also I helped my mum with gardening and cleaning area in the front of our house. Thank you, you sent us some homework. I started it today and I am sending you some pictures of myself.

Miss you, Daniel.



















Betsy the Bunny needs your help 2 Willow!!

Thursday 19th March– Today I went outside with Betsy and she has become SO confused! She was looking at these ‘things’ on the ground and she wasn’t sure what they were. She was then asking me LOADS of questions so I thought the best people to ask to help would be my good friends in 2 Willow! These are the questions she has for you. Please write the answers you have into your exercise books at home or remember you can send in your responses to the admin email address- admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk

Betsy’s first set of questions!

  1. What type of flower is here? Can you name the different parts of it and what each part is used for?
  2. There are 25 flowers and Betsy wanted to put them into 5 groups but she wants to know, how many would be in each group? She then asked me- what would the division number sentence be for this? What would the multiplicaton number sentence be for this?
  3. Could you write an adventure story, all about what you think Betsy has been up to outside?






Dear parents/carers,

I will be updating this page with any additional tasks I would like the children to complete throughout the coming weeks, to further support their learning. I will also be updating the page with pictures of any events myself and the Class Bunny ‘Betsy’ take part in and I will also be taking it as an opportunity to stay in contact with the children. Children from 2 Willow are welcome to send pictures to our school admin email address with similar pictures of any activities they have taken part in during this time period and I will put them onto this page so that all of the children in our class can keep up to date with each other. The email address is below:


Watch out for Betsy the Bunny because she might set you special tasks and secret investigations!! 

I am looking forward to hearing from the 2 Willow children.

Keep safe and keep smiling! 🙂

From Miss Wolanski.



Spelling Shed click here

Times Table Rock Stars click here

Phonics Resources

You can click on the website below to access free Phonics resources-

username- march20 password- home


Extra task 1- Common exception words

Please practice reading and writing these spelling words.


RE Resources

You can access Easter Resources for your children via this website:

Click here


School Closure- Wednesday 18th March 2020

As a result of school closure, your child will have received a ‘Learning Pack’. This includes the following –

Maths SAT Papers

Maths revision questions

A piece of writing to complete which will be based on previous learning so it is accessible for your child,

Reading SAT booklet,

Reading comprehension questions,

You have also received ‘Topic’ homework which is based on your child’s upcoming topic in the Summer term.

It is also expected that children login and complete 3 sessions of Spelling Shed and Times Table Rock Stars per week as they would if they were in school.

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