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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning,

I woke up very early today at 6am! What time did you wake up?

Don’t forget tomorrow is your last day to send your dance competition videos to the admin email address . I was super shy when filming my video but maybe I will win an Easter egg 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

click on this link


dance video



Challenge for today:

Have a lovely day.

Miss Crompton


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning,

How are you all feeling today? I was so excited when I received your emails this morning.

First of all I want to say a massive Happy Birthday to Maja!

This is a picture of me and Pixie going for a walk. I had to remember to stay 2 meters away from other people.

David has written a lovely letter for you all. He said he misses all his friends. David has also sent a picture with his cat Luna. I wonder if she has a lead and you take her for a walk like I do with Pixie.

Larissa has been working hard on  her numbers. Well done Larissa!

Nikola looks like shes having lots of fun learning at home. Have you watched Meg and Mog lately? That show always reminds me of you!

Sebastian has been practicing his cursive handwriting. He has also been dancing and playing on his trampoline. I would love to see some photos Sebastian.

Charlotte has been working hard with her spellings and using Phonics flash cards. Well done Charlotte!


Thank you so much for all your beautiful photos and letters. Do keep sending them.


Challenge for today:

Watch the video of How to Grow a Dinosaur and answer the following questions.

  1. Who were the main characters in the story?

2. What did Albie see out of his window?

3. What did Albie find when he fell into the hole?

4.  What does extinct mean?

5. Which type of dinosaur dropped Albie in the nest in the tree?

6.  What is your favorite type of dinosaur and why? Draw a picture and label it.


Also if you enjoy reading and listening to stories online you can visit these websites




Maths challenge

Imagine you were throwing bean bags into hoops. Maybe you could do this practically at home.

What is the biggest answer you can make using all four bean bags?

What is the smallest answer you can make using all four bean bags?


Parents/children  – If you have any work suggestions please don’t hesitate to ask and I will try my best to accommodate that.

The next couple of days will be a little bit busier for me than usual as I will be in school helping out with key-worker children. I will still try to upload daily.

Enjoy your day and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


Miss Crompton


Monday 30th March 2020

Good afternoon,

I am feeling very happy today because I have received lots of pictures of you learning at home. Don’t forget exercising is just as important!

I would like to know what you have been doing to stay healthy. Why is it important to exercise and eat healthy?

Lots of the teachers at St Columba’s have been doing a daily workout with Joe Wicks on Youtube!  Have you tried this yet? I wonder if your family will join in too 🙂

Mrs Moore said she is missing you all and looks forward to hearing what you have been doing.

Artur has been walking his dog Lucy. Do you have any pets?

Charlotte has been reading and matching the correct picture to the sentences. Well done!

Freddie has been working extremely hard with his spellings. Well done! I think both yours and your mum’s cursive writing is amazing!


Alexandra has written a lovely letter which is very neat. What are your dogs called Alexandra? How many do you have?

Bianka has been working hard at the weekend!

Parents – if you email me, I can give you the words your child struggled to spell correctly in their most recent spelling test.

Please find attached some useful educational websites.

https://20dv.co.uk/ (Subscribe and it’s free until May 1st)
All subjects

Today’s challenge:


Have a nice day.

Miss Crompton


Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning 1 Beech,

First of all I just want to thank you for your emails and pictures. It’s wonderful to see that you are all working hard at home.

Charlotte has been practicing her counting and Freddie has been writing some tricky words. Well done!

Your challenge for today is to:

  • Add dots and dashes to these words to represent all the phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs.Phoneme – the sound that you hearDigraph – two letters that make one sound (ch)Trigraph  – three letters that make one sound (igh)
  • dolphin, Phonics, elephant, alphabet, lightning, brighter and Philip.
  • Now add those words into a sentence.

For example:

Philip is my best friend.

Have a lovely day and don’t forget to practice your best dance moves!

Miss Crompton


Please send in your video entries by Thursday 2nd April, as the Key Stage 1 teachers will be judging them before announcing the lucky winner on Friday 3rd April. The winner’s egg will be delivered on Friday 3rd April- good luck!!

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good afternoon 1 Beech,

I hope you are all keeping well.

I received a lovely email from our friend Bianka yesterday. She had a fantastic guess at figuring out this animal from her own experiences. I am so glad she was here to help me. Please see her email below.

When I put the postcode into the map it came up with this

So I am thinking they might be Alpacas!

How would I be able to tell the difference?

I have also just received a picture from our friend Alexandra. She looks like she is writing some tricky words. Well done Alexandra!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Miss Crompton


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning 1 Beech,

I woke up and took Pixie for a walk this morning. I saw these funny looking animals with such long necks! Pixie was shocked and started to bark.

I think they might be  dinosaurs but I’m not sure because they don’t look like reptiles! What do you think?

I found them in a field in with the post code BD4 0RR. Can you investigate this for me and locate them on a map?


Have a  nice day.

Miss Crompton


Tuesday  24th March 2020

Good morning 1 Beech,

I hope you are all  having a nice morning. I came across this book online and wanted to share it with you.



Your challenge for today is to:

Find a number on the 100 square. Tell your grown-up how many tens and ones it has. Challenge yourself to find out 10 more, 5 more and 2 more. Can you find out 10 less, 5 less or 2 less than your chosen number?



You can write the answers in your notebooks or email me at




Speak soon,

Miss Crompton


Monday 23rd March 2020

Good evening 1 Beech,

It was very strange not being in school with all your super smiley faces today. I even had to watch Meg and Mog to make me laugh! I am sure you are all working hard at home but please remember to be kind to your grown-ups. Parents – When I teach your child they are one of 23. At home many will be getting 1-1. You can have such an amazing impact in short bursts. Please don’t worry  about trying to recreate 6 hours of a school day.

I am also here for both parents and children if you would like to get in touch admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk

Don’t forget how special and  clever you are!

I will be back tomorrow morning.

Miss Crompton

This evenings challenge: For 2-5 minutes,just like we do in class,have some calm, quiet time and think of all the things that make you happy.


Saturday 21st March 2020

Good afternoon 1 Beech,

I can reveal that you are taller than Pixie. She is only 25cm tall. While we were walking yesterday Pixie noticed that the season has changed. What season do you think it is now? How do you know?

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Mother’s Day. What will you do for your mum tomorrow? I think I will sing my mum a song and make her a card.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Crompton


Friday 20th March 2020

Good morning 1 Beech,

As promised here is a picture of my dog Pixie. Pixie is 5 years old just like some of you guys in 1 Beech!

Who do you think is the tallest you or Pixie?

I have just taken Pixie for a nice walk. You will never guess what happened.

Send your predictions to admin@stcolumbas.bradford.sch.uk

Don’t forget to write your name.

Miss you all lots!

Miss Crompton


Wednesday 18th March 2020

Hello to the children and parents of 1 Beech.

In the coming days and weeks I will be posting updates, pictures, videos and work on this page so please keep checking.

I would also like you to keep me updated too. You can forward things to the admin email address and they will then pass this onto me with completed challenges and tasks.

Thank you,

Miss Crompton

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