Year 1

St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School

Curriculum information sheet for Autumn Term, Year: 1

Dear Parents,

The chart below shows the topics to be covered this term.  Please help your child’s interest in their work by discussing the topics with them or taking them to the library etc. We ask all parents to assist children with reading, and any homework that is provided by the teacher.


Theme : Ourselves

Literacy  Poetry – (Senses)  Fiction – SettingsNon Fiction – Labels and captions
Numeracy Counting back from at least 20 to 0Reading, writing ordering numbers. Counting objects.
R.E. God’s Great Plan – Creation, Noah’s Ark.
Science Ourselves – Naming body parts, using our senses.
Geography Local area – My address, my route to school.
Music Pitch – high, low sounds.
Design & Tech
Art Self Portraits
I.T. Modelling scenes – Real life, Imaginary situations.
P.S.H.C.E. New Beginnings


Homework Arrangements

Monday    10 min Reading Tuesday10 min Reading Wednesday10 minReading Thursday10 min Reading  Friday10 min ReadingHomework folders handed in. New Homework given out.Home/school reading records handed in for reviewing. Weekend10 min Reading


–      Please read the books sent home by the class teacher this may include a group book or sound book.

–      We have a home/school library bookcase for books which you can read and share together.

–      We also have home/school colour band levelled reading books.


St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School


Year 1 Additional Information


Curricular Targets As a school we have whole school curricular targets for Literacy e.g. to write supersonic sentences. We now have Passport targets for Numeracy. Specific targets are tailored for your child. You will receive termly feedback on how your child has met or progressed towards these targets.


Home / School Contact.

Alongside reading notes any other relevant information can be passed from parent to teacher in the reading record books.

Please share any thoughts so they can be dealt with as they arise.

Staff are available briefly at the start and end of each day. If you would like to discuss something in more detail please make an appointment.



Reading Wall: If your child reads 5 times a week their name will go on the first block of the reading wall race. When they reach the end block they receive a prize bookmark at the next assembly.


– Stars and certificates are given to pupils for extra special efforts. They are given out in assembly.


P.E. Kit

Plain dark shorts and a white T Shirt (no sports shirts please) placed in a bag and all labelled. Please keep in school every day as we may do extra P.E. activities, or a change of clothes may be needed.


Useful Websites

School website –

Please ask if you would like to log on to Education city at home.

Please try Reading Eggs

Phonics Play has some good games.

Oxford Reading Owls has some free e-books.