Year 6

St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School.

Curriculum information sheet for Autumn  Year: 6

Dear Parents,

The chart below shows the topics to be covered this term.  Please help your child’s interest in their work by discussing the topics with them or taking them to the library etc. We ask all parents to assist children with reading, spelling, times tables and any homework that is provided by the teacher.



Literacy Poetry (classic)/ Fiction Genre e.g. adventure/mystery, Classic Fiction.
Numeracy Times Tables, place value, numbers and the number system.
R.E. The Kingdom of God/ Justice
Science More about Dissolving
History The Ancient Greeks
Geography Whats in the News.
Music Performing Together
Design & Tech/Art Greek Art/ Shields/ Triremes
I.T. E-Mail

If you would like to help in school or have any items or artefacts related to the above that you think your child’s teacher might be interested in, please let him/her know.

Homework Arrangements

Monday    Spelling lists will be given out.

Literacy /Numeracy home work is given out.



WednesdayA midweek check for homework will be carried out. FridayThe spelling test will be held.


Literacy/Numeracy is to be handed in.

Both pieces must be handed in so that they can be marked together on the following Monday.


1) The children should read 5 times a week from 10-15 minutes each session.

2) Times tables/spellings should be practised 5 minutes each night during the week.

3) Science homework will be given as required not weekly.


Year 6 Information




This term an Autobiography project will be given out. Prizes will be awarded to all children who have completed the project as well as 2 effort and 2 achievement awards. This has been extremely successful in the past with children and parents.


Reading Journals

Journals are checked every day; a mark out of five is given each Monday and the children are moved up on ‘The Golden Reading Wall’.

Alongside reading notes any other relevant information can be passed from parent to teacher. Examples are dentist/doctors appointments or change of phone number. The children’s targets will also be written in the front.




1)    Golden Reading Wall: If your child reads 5 times a week their name will go on the first brick of the reading wall. When they reach the 7th brick they receive a certificate and a prize at the next prize giving.

2)   Stars: Certificates and badges are given to pupils who reach multiples of ten stars. Stars are awarded for spelling; times tables; improvement in mental maths; three stars in their books; reading five times a week; any extra achievements.

3)   Team points are given, the winning team gets to do an extra activity which could be making or doing something. Teams earn points for many reasons such as packing away well or excellent behaviour.

P.E. Kit


Year Six on a whole have been very poor with bringing correct P.E. kit this year; I do hope this can improve.


Plain dark shorts and a light T Shirt should be worn (no sports shirts please) and placed in a bag which should be labelled and available for their P.E. session. The P.E. T- shirt should not be the same as the one worn for school.