Year 4

St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School.

Curriculum information sheet for Summer 2 Year 4

Dear Parents,

The chart below shows the topics to be covered this term.  Please help your child’s interest in their work by discussing the topics with them or taking them to the library etc. We ask all parents to assist children with reading, spelling, times tables and any homework that is provided by the teacher.





Non-fiction texts aiming at persuading people to look after the environment and explaining how they can look after their environment.
Numeracy Consolidating skills in using the 4 operations of x./ – and +, understanding the value of numbers.
R.E. Belonging to the church
Science Habitats.
Geography Rainforests- where they are located, the animals and plants found there and the effects of deforestation.
Music Singing with Miss Kitson
Art Looking at signs and symbols and how they can be used in depicting a journey they have been on.
I.T. Learning how to use a branching data base.
PE Swimming and athletics.

If you would like to help in school or have any items or artefacts related to the above which you think your child’s teacher might be interested in, please let him/her know.

Homework Arrangements

Monday    Reading(10mins) Homework to be in> 


TuesdayReading(10mins)  WednesdayReading(10mins)  ThursdayReading(10mins) Homework to be given out 







Literacy and numeracy



We would like you to invent, design and make your own maths game which you would like to play in class with your friends. To be handed in and ready to play on Friday 11th July 2014

Ideas to help you……

The game might help you to learn your timetables

Tell the time

Learn all the facts about 2D/3D shapes

Remember facts about months of the year.

Learn important measurement and capacity facts

It might be…..

A game like snap

A memory game

A board game